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Mar 20, 2023

Case Study: How a Periodontics Practice Leverages Infiniwiz Partnership to Manage Their Technology 

Dentist's office interior with modern chair and special dentisd equipment


What does our client do? 

The periodontics practice is located in Glenview, IL. Their team is dedicated to providing the highest quality periodontal and implant care to its patients. With a mission to provide a welcoming and caring environment, they aim to make every patient feel like a part of their family. 

Services Offered: 

The practice offers a wide range of periodontal and dental implant services, including minimally invasive gum treatment, surgical procedures, and the placement of dental implants. They utilize cutting-edge laser technology to provide the most advanced care possible. 

Patient-Centered Approach: 

The team believes that every patient deserves individualized attention and care. That's why they work hard to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere where patients can receive the best periodontal and implant services. By treating every patient like a member of their family, they are able to provide exceptional care and support. 


Why is Technology Imperative for the Work Process and Success of the Business 

As a dental periodontics practice, this company relies heavily on technology in its operations. Their utilization of tech revolves around patient care, with a majority of their tools employed for tasks such as taking x-rays and CT scans and organizing patient data through their electronic medical records software. Failure in the functionality of these tools will disrupt their work processes, resulting in limitations or even a complete halt in providing services to their customers. 

 Technologies used: 

  • LANAP Laser Treatment- When compared to conventional gum surgery, periodontists remove all hazardous germs using the LANAP laser with a great deal less discomfort.  
  • Perioscopy- Periodontists frequently avoid surgery altogether by using perioscopy. To diagnose and treat periodontal disease in a less invasive manner, they get a much closer look at the tooth anatomy and bacteria below the gumline using the digital camera technology of the dental endoscope. 
  • CBCT 3D Imaging- Without the risks associated with exposure to high radiation levels, this 3D scanner is used to take pictures of the entire mouth. Additionally, compared to earlier x-ray technologies, digital images are more effective. 
  • Intraoral Scanner- The periodontist uses this tool to create digital impressions of teeth and the mouth using intraoral scanning equipment quickly and accurately.  
  • Low Exposure Digital Dental Radiology- With the aid of low-exposure radiology, the business uses this tool to cut radiation exposure by as much as 70%. While maintaining the security of their patients, this technology enables them to collect the necessary digital photographs.  
  • 3D Printed Implant Guided Surgery- With the use of contemporary technology, the business employed imaging to streamline each stage of the implant placement process, including drilling and implant insertion. Based on their unique requirements, every patient is given a customized operation template.  
  • ChatBot- This is a valuable tool for the office to attract new clients by providing a personalized and human experience. The experience offered by the practice is maintained by using real individuals in the live chat to engage in actual conversations with potential clients. 


Why did this company choose Infiniwiz?  

This organization was referred to us by their CPA. Before choosing us as their Managed Service Provider, they used another IT company. However, management was unsatisfied with the results they were getting from the previous provider. The issues included frequent technical failures, slow response time, and unresolved problems. Therefore, the company decided to switch gears and change its provider for better results.  


How has Infiniwiz improved the company’s technological environment?  

At the start of our partnership with the firm, it became clear that they were in dire need of updated tools and software. During the early stages of our collaboration, a server problem caused a widespread operation disruption. To resolve the situation, our team had to purchase new server equipment, implement it, and restore the data from backups. Due to the tireless work of our engineers, we were able to quickly return the company to its normal operations. 

The company then underwent a complete refresh, during which we assisted them in purchasing new computers and replacing their dental practice software. We also replaced their X-ray and CT management software. Throughout this transitional phase, we also aided in migrating patient data and became familiar with software issues. It is important to note that there will always be challenges when using new software, but it is crucial to learn about these issues and overcome them to conduct business as usual. 

The following technologies were added or updated to improve the organization's security and compliance: 

  • Installation of new firewalls in the office 
  • Guaranteed HIPAA compliance with encryption for data 
  • Migration from Google G-Suite to Microsoft Office 365 platform
  • Implemented Next-Gen anti-virus software 
  • Set up of Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all email accounts 
  • Enabled monitoring of the Dark Web for compromised credentials 
  • Established 24x7 resource and threat monitoring for all computers 
  • Set up of cybersecurity awareness training 

The following technologies were implemented to improve workflow and increase productivity: 

  • Replaced Voice-Over IP phone system 
  • Installed fiber services where the internet is more reliable  
  • Inventory management software: Used to track stock
  • Bar codes scanner: When adding inventory, the company can use scanning codes instead of manually inputting the information 
  • Assistance with marketing:

-We collaborated with marketers to assist them in revamping of the website 

-Helped reacquire access to social media 

-Set up online advertising. 

-Implemented email signature management platform to ensure brand consistency. 

  • Assistance with wiring upkeep throughout the office.


As of today, what is our relationship with the periodontics practice? 

The company's management understands that to be competitive and provide good service; they must have the best technology and maximum uptime. Therefore, they constantly collaborate with Infiniwiz to evaluate new software, solutions, and equipment that can help their business grow.  

Our team assists in research by listening to their challenges, asking questions, and devising solutions to improve their work processes. This type of assistance may take place during support calls with engineers or during prescheduled recurring business reviews with our CIO. We provide process-related solutions and recommend purchasing additional equipment or software to assist them with their workflow if needed. The company also knows they can call on us for assistance whenever they need it. We are dedicated to providing the support they need to ensure they can work efficiently and effectively. By understanding their needs and offering tailored solutions, we aim to help them achieve their goals and make their research successful. 

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