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Oct 24, 2022

Chaos: The New Malware that has attacked Mac, Linux, and Windows


A computer screen with program code warning of a detected malware script program. 3d illustrationmalware warning digital blue pink msp There has recently been a unique malware that is known to infect Linux, Windows, and Mac devices. Many consumers look to Mac and Linux operating systems to be strongly secure, thinking they are more than likely able to identify bad malware. The reality is that Linux and Mac are simply less targeted. It is more logical for hackers to develop malicious software for Windows because most of business utilize them, which means there is a better chance to make money.

What makes the ‘Chaos’ malware dangerous and unique from other viruses?

The malware is written in Go Programming language; this is the first time someone has used this technique to develop a virus. Go Programming was designed by Google and allows users to build fast, reliable, and efficient software at scale. This means that the con artists of this malware have the same tools used to create an efficient malware system that is strong enough to attack secure platforms. It's also the first time the same malware is able to attack all three platforms simultaneously. This virus is alarming because most malware is written to attack Windows, and less Mac and Linux. The new method no longer requires hackers to write in different languages depending on the targeted operation system which means it's only going to get worse for Linux and Macs as the malware evolves.

How does Chaos attack?

‘Chaos’ now has three versions, which is becoming stronger and more advance. Throughout its evolution, the malware has many ways of attacking devices and servers.

These actions include but are not limited to:
● Replaces files’ contents with malicious bytes where files could not be restored.
● The malware's worming feature enables it to propagate to any drives discovered on a compromised machine.
● The ability to “encrypt files under one MB using AES/RSA encryption and features a decryptor-builder”

One hundred different strains are now in circulation around the world.

What architectures does this malware attack?

Chaos is designed to work across different software. Black Lotus Labs states "First, it is designed to work across several architectures, including ARM, Intel (i386), MIPS and PowerPC—in addition to Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems” (arstechnica).

Additionally, this malware attacks various devices. This includes but are not limited to:

● Company Servers
● BSD boxes
● Office Routers
● Electronic devices such as laptops and computers

So, what do I need to do to stay safe from malware?

● Make sure that your software and equipment is updated
● Pay attention to possible phishing emails
● Have the proper security measures in place such as 2FA, email filters , and firewalls
● Make sure that you are up to date with malware attacks
● Backup all your important files
● Pay attention to suspicious URLs

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