Any IT consulting you invest in should provide your business more than parroting impractical data and recommendations with no perspective on application. What follows is a structural outline for the expectations you must have of your IT consulting firm based on successful implementations.

Specifically Define Your Needs.

Create relationships with third-party professionals based on your need for expertise, not their areas of expertise. If you need an operations management specialist, do not settle for a competitive analysis specialist.

Choose an Aspirational Consultant.

Your consultant should give you higher goals than you have on your own. A study by the Harvard Business Review showcased the engagement level of clients and successful consultants. Good consultant goals always stack on top of client goals, which tend to focus on short-term, immediate problems.

A good consultant is a system builder that will automate and aggregate the solutions for many of your short-term problems within a specific process that does not even require your mental attention.

Consultants Apply All Information They Bring.

Anyone can look up statistics. How do they apply to your company specifically? Do they apply at all? Expensive studies must have an endpoint in mind before engagement. Many clients have no idea of how to use information once they receive it, and a good consultant does not compromise his integrity to take advantage of this lack of vision; he fixes the problem.

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