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Apr 10, 2023

Ensuring Business Continuity: The Crucial Role of Email Backup by Infiniwiz

Businessman use email to receive and send business information, storage systems and use of communication technology.

Emails have become an imperative tool for business communication in today's era. However, they also pose a risk of data loss and security issues due to various reasons like hardware malfunction, software issues, human errors, staff behavior, and cyberattacks. Given that emails often contain critical information like financial transactions, client data, and significant conversations, losing such data can cause great consequences for a company.

To address this, email backup is crucial as it involves creating a copy of all email data and storing it securely on a different server or in the cloud. Email backup software performs this task regularly to ensure that data is up-to-date and easily retrievable in case of data loss. As an MSP, we understand the significance of email backup and how it benefits our clients.

Here are some reasons why email backup is mandatory for companies:

Protection against data loss:

As stated before, Email backup shields a company's email data against various issues that could cause data loss, such as faulty technology, problematic software, human errors, cyberattacks, or natural disasters.

For example, in 2021, Microsoft Office 365 suffered a massive data loss that affected over a thousand users. The incident was caused by a software update gone wrong, which resulted in users' emails and attachments disappearing from their inboxes and sent folders. Some users reported losing several years' worth of data, causing significant disruptions to their work and business operations.

Regulatory compliance:

Depending on the industry, a company may have to follow specific data storage and retention laws such as HIPAA. Email backup ensures that email data is securely stored and available for audits, allowing businesses to comply with legal requirements.

Protection of intellectual property:

Emails may contain sensitive and confidential information like trade secrets, designs, and marketing tactics. Email backup ensures this data is secure and recoverable in the event of data loss.

For example, a company may email a detailed design blueprint for a new product to their design team. If this email is lost due to data corruption or hardware failure, the company could potentially lose the intellectual property associated with the design, making it difficult or impossible to recover the time and resources invested in the design process.

Legal protection:

Email can serve as evidence in a lawsuit or legal dispute. Email backup enables businesses to access and retrieve this crucial information, protecting them from potential legal ramifications.

At Infiniwiz, we understand the value of email backup and how it benefits our clients. Our email backup software regularly copies and stores email data from a client's email system on a different server or in the cloud, making data loss recoverable. It is also worth mentioning that we set up a retention policy in such a way that emails can be retrieved even after a user "permanently" deleted it from their "Deleted Items" folder.

Overall, email backup is essential for companies that want to safeguard their email data against potential loss. By offering email backup services, we can assist clients in ensuring that their email data is secure and accessible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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