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Mar 30, 2023

Acquiring Assistance from Infiniwiz: The Quickest Method for Receiving Support

Woman at home talks to operator call center. Service consultant help female customer online. Remote conversation between client and assistant of support line. Vector illustrationAs an IT company, Infiniwiz understands the importance of providing effective and timely support to our clients. However, to ensure that clients receive the help they need in the most efficient manner possible, it is important for them to follow specific guidelines when contacting the company.

The first and most important thing clients should do when needing help is contact Infiniwiz by emailing, calling (847) 499-1515, or via an online form. These options are the most direct way to contact us and ensure that the issue is entered into the support system and assigned to the appropriate technician as quickly as possible. If the phone call goes to the answering service, clients should leave a detailed message with the answering service. The representative taking the call converts the message into a ticket within minutes after the call takes place. This enables the support team to begin working on the issue right away.

It is also important to point out that an automatic ticket is created every time someone contacts our support, be it via phone, email, answering service, online ticket form, or client portal. Thus, our service coordinator has to review multiple tickets in different formats, explain them using different words, and determine that they are duplicate requests. This creates a significant delay in response. It is best to deliver the message using one method.

Additionally, when Infiniwiz creates a ticket for a client, it is important for the client to continue communication through the same ticket. This ensures that all relevant information is contained in one place and that the support team can easily track the progress of the issue. Suppose clients need to provide additional information or updates. In that case, they should reply to the email chain related to the ticket or should call the support team and reference the ticket number, or at least mention that a ticket already exists.

It is also essential for clients to refrain from contacting individual team members directly, as this can lead to delays in resolving the issue. If a client emails, texts, or calls an individual team member, that engineer will need to forward the information to the service coordinator which can take time because engineers don’t check their messages nearly as frequently as the service coordinator checks the support mailbox.

In conclusion, the most effective way for clients to contact Infiniwiz when needing help is to email, fill out the online form, or call (847) 499-1515, and if the service coordinator doesn’t pick up,  leave a detailed message with the answering service. Clients should avoid contacting individual team members directly and continue communication through the same ticket to ensure all relevant information is contained in one place. By following these guidelines, clients can receive the support they need promptly and efficiently.

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