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Jul 17, 2023

Infiniwiz Technical Business Review Process: Optimizing Work Processes for Client Success

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At Infiniwiz, our goal is to ensure that our clients’ businesses reach their fullest potential with its IT infrastructure. One way that we are able to help clients reach this goal is with our Technical Business Review (TBR) process. This review consists of a recurring meeting that we have with clients to ensure their work processes are optimized and aligned with their business goals. In the blog, we will explain the TBR process and provide a closer look into what we do to prepare for the review and the steps we take to ensure this process is done efficiently and effectively.

Comprehensive reporting on assets and user lists:

In order to prepare for a business review, we use software for data collection that consists of our client's IT infrastructure. For example, our software solution organizes and tracks client assets, including computers, printers, switches, and other equipment. By examining each asset, we are able to collect important data such as the condition, age, and compatibility of the equipment. We also can analyze email accounts, user profiles, and licenses in order to ensure accurate billing and user management.

State of Alignment with Best Practices

We compile reports on alignment with various security practices to demonstrate to clients that their systems are in line with industry standards. Some of the key factors we assess include:

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): We check if MFA is enabled for all users, ensuring an extra layer of protection for account access.

Security Awareness Training: We evaluate whether security awareness training programs are in place, promoting a culture of security-conscious behavior among employees.

Phishing Awareness: We monitor and identify individuals who have clicked on phishing emails, helping to gauge the effectiveness of training programs and identify potential vulnerabilities.

Implementation of Security Best Practices: We assess the organization's adherence to security best practices, including robust password policies, regular software updates, encryption protocols, network segmentation, and secure remote access measures.

Software Tool Installation: We confirm that all required software tools are properly installed and configured, ensuring comprehensive security coverage.

Patch Management: We review the organization's patch management process to ensure timely and consistent application of critical security updates across all systems.

Access Control: We examine access controls and permissions to ensure that appropriate levels of access are assigned to individuals based on their roles and responsibilities.

Tailored Recommendations and Strategies:

Based on the information collected and past/recent interactions that our help desk has had with a client, as well as based on our maintenance team’s recent work with the client’s environment, we are able to create custom recommendations as part of the reporting packet. The recommendations include a wide range of aspects. This includes hardware upgrades, software alternatives, replacement of servers, resource allocation, process changes, etc. Our team will provide a clear explanation of recommendations and why these changes will be beneficial. This will allow clients to make informed decisions that will not only align with their budget but business goals.

Identifying Opportunities for Enhancement:

With comprehensive insights into asset performance, user management, and system health, and additional recommendations, we proactively identify opportunities for enhancement. During our recurring meetings with clients, we present these findings and engage in meaningful discussions to understand their unique business requirements, goals, and pain points. This collaborative approach ensures that our recommendations align with our client's objectives and provide tangible value to their work processes.

The engagement and assistance with our clients extend beyond TBR meetings. We continue to monitor their IT infrastructure and provide ongoing support. We will also do regular check-ins and follow-up meetings to ensure the best effectiveness of the implemented recommendations as well as make necessary adjustments if required. This process ensures that our clients' work processes remain optimized and aligned with their needs.

Overall, at Infiniwiz, our Technical Business Review process is designed to assist our clients with tailored recommendations to improve efficiency continuously and security and get maximum ROI. Intimate familiarity with clients’ organizations allows us to optimize their work processes and plan for their future aligned with their specific and evolving goals. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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