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Sep 6, 2023

Secure Computer Connections at Infiniwiz

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At Infiniwiz, we want to ensure that your technological needs are met and that all your devices function correctly. At some times during our service, to assist a client with an issue or even manually update a particular software, Infiniwiz utilizes a service that involves establishing persistent connections to customer computers. The idea that our company can connect to your computers might raise concerns about privacy and security. However, it's important to clarify that this access is governed by a well-defined policy that ensures transparency as well as user consent. 

Does it mean Infiniwiz staff can connect your computers literally “any time”? No. 

Two Types of Connections: 

Before going into our process, it's important to note that there are two types of connections in our approach: 

  • Maintenance Platform Connection:

Your computer is always connected to our maintenance platform, which allows us to push updates without viewing your screen. These updates can be pushed manually or scheduled to take place at a specific time. This method is used for routine updates and tasks that do not require direct interaction with your computer's screen. 

  • Engineer-initiated Connection:

In some situations where the remote management tool doesn't have the capability required, such as troubleshooting or installing complex software, our engineer may need to create a connection session that allows them to view and control your computer's screen. Rest assured, this is exercised only when necessary, and it follows the structured process mentioned above. 

Here is our process: 

During Work Hours: The Infiniwiz staff will only connect to a user's computer if the user has initiated a connection request. This way, when we connect, it doesn’t surprise people. Depending on the situation (if the request came in minutes or hours ago), we may connect and start working immediately or engage in a quick chat first. 

User Requests: Users can initiate a connection request through various channels such as email, phone, or the company website. These requests are meticulously documented as tickets, which helps ensure accountability and transparency. 

Rare Exceptions: While Infiniwiz generally operates based on user-initiated requests, there might be exceptional cases where unscheduled access is required, such as an important update we have to initiate manually. However, even in such cases, Infiniwiz commits to reaching out to the user to confirm the appropriateness of the timing. 

After-hours Maintenance: In situations where after-hours maintenance is required, Infiniwiz takes additional steps to respect user privacy and consent: Normally, we push out maintenance updates without connecting to the computer. However, we may need to install an application or resolve an issue in the after-hours. 

In situations where our engineer must view the user’s screen, they will first check whether the computer is being used. 

  • Idle Time Check: Infiniwiz uses its Remote Management tool to check for idle time on the user's computer. If the computer has been idle for a specified duration (e.g., 10 minutes), our team will initiate a connection without further consultation. 
  • Non-Idle Scenarios: If the computer is not idle and there's an urgent issue, Infiniwiz will contact the user via phone or email to seek permission before establishing a connection. 

By following a structured process that revolves around user-initiated requests and consent, Infiniwiz aims to provide reliable and efficient service while addressing potential concerns regarding unauthorized access or surprises. Users can trust that their privacy and control over their computers remain a priority in this service. 

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