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Oct 14, 2022

Infiniwiz’s Offboarding Process for Client Employees: What You Need to Know


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You may not always be aware of the necessary actions to be taken to ensure the protection of both the company's and the employee's personal information once they depart. It takes time to remove an employee access from all the software and data that they were provided with during onboarding. Infiniwiz has therefore developed an offboarding strategy so that clients won't have to deal with the extra stress of a worker departing. We are firm believers in making our technical procedure transparent so that you are completely informed of what occurs when an employee departs.

The first step of the offboarding process is to fill out the offboarding form.

The offboarding form must be completed by the client in order for us to know what to do with their data once they have left.c

Clients communicate with us in a variety of methods, including calling and emailing when it comes to removing access from equipment and software when an employee departs. While this technique informs us that you need assistance in offboarding, we will still direct you to fill out our offboarding application form instead. We do this for a variety of reasons. When taking information over the phone or communicating through email, it can be problematic. This is because a client may miss telling us critical information that we require, resulting in extra time spent communicating with the client to obtain the information and ask the questions we still require.

This creates delays where user may still have access to data or email for prolonged periods of time, which may be a serious issue in the case where the company-employee relationship ends on bad terms. The delay can also result in invoice being issued with user still being on there. Thus, time matters not only in the onboarding process, but also the offboarding.

Just like our onboarding process, there is an offboarding form on our website for all offboarding requests. On our website, you are able to access this form via "Clients" menu.

These inquiries include but are not limited to:
● What is employee’s full name?
● Should we backup their data on server, computer, and in the mailbox?
● Remove access to everything, or downgrade it to some type of partial access?
● If the user had a phone, should we just disable it, or route calls to someone else?

Here is a link to the offboarding form where you can view all the inquiries made.

When it comes to offboarding, we are usually informed at the last minute that someone must be offboarded. It is not the same manner as in onboarding by which a client can notify our company within 1-2 business days. This is due to unforeseen events, such as the client's unawareness that an employee is leaving the organization.

Once we are aware that a user is leaving, it is imperative that we cut off all access to software and servers that the user access.

Before we can even schedule the offboarding as a support request, we must first carry out the standard step of removing the user's access. This is because we want to ensure that if someone leaves the firm before we can begin the offboarding process, they do not have access to the company's information or servers. As a result, we will revoke that user's access as soon as possible. We will remove access, for example, by resetting the user’s computer password, logging them out of all devices, removing access from their emails and virtual servers etc.

During this process, not all clients are aware of the different options they have when offboarding a user.

These options include:
● Converting user mailbox to shared mailbox. Shared mailbox is free.
● Giving another employee access to user’s mailbox
● Terminating the user’s mailbox, but backing up data first
● Deleting and reassigning the license
● Sharing users computer or virtual server data with other users

We will assist in talking to the client and explain to them the different options that they have. We may also ask a series of different questions to recommend them with what we believe may be the beneficial option to go with.

Following a client's selection of the most beneficial options for the user's account and information, we will modify the user's account, remove the user's licenses from Office 365 and PAX8, and then modify the client's agreement in our PSA software so that the user won't be added to billing when the next monthly invoice is issued.

Once the user is removed, the offboarding process is finished. If you have any more questions about our process, feel free to contact us!

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