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Jan 12, 2023

Intel Released a 13th Gen Processor that Runs at 6GHz Without Overclocking

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The Core i9-13900KS from Intel is the first desktop CPU in the world to run at 6GHz, making it the fastest desktop processor on the market. The cost for this chip is $699.

Intel announced the chip's capabilities, demonstrating that it can operate and naturally reach a boost speed of 6GHz without overclocking.

Why is this processor great news for users?

Since it is commonly known that CPUs can overclock when it reaches certain speeds, this is excellent news and technological advancement.

The average processor speed is between 3.50 to 4.2 GHz, so 6GHz exceeds expectations. CPU speeds are beneficial because they enable quicker data and instruction processing. This means that the computer will work more effectively and quickly to complete tasks. However, for many ordinary processors, higher speeds can lead to overclocking. Overclocking involves boosting a computer's central processor unit's (CPU) clock speed above the limit set by the manufacturer. Overclocking can also result in higher temperatures, increased power usage, and the risk of hardware damage.

However, the only flaw in this processor is that the chip can only maintain these speeds for brief periods and only over two performance cores. The performance of this chip also varies on use, setup, and other factors.

However, despite various issues, the product is an excellent gateway for higher and consistent speeds for processors in the near future, where it will only become more evolved.

"The unlocked i9-13900KS processor represents a major milestone in the PC industry —bringing faster speeds than before to enthusiast desktop users," an Intel engineer states.

I have provided Intel's announcement on their new CPU and how it functions here.

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