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Apr 19, 2017

Is It Time to Upgrade to Microsoft Surface? 7 Advantages for a Growing Business

Microsoft Surface devices and software can help your company succeed: Here’s how.

Microsoft Surface

Is your company considering a switch to new computer services or a device upgrade? It’s time to consider the Microsoft Surface lineup. Microsoft Surface device, starting with the Surface hybrid tablet and Surface Pro, have been around for some time, but in the past couple years Microsoft has worked hard to expand its Surface offerings and their compatibility with the greater business environment (along with fixing some of the more annoying bugs and generally helping Windows 10 to run more smoothly). Here are the top reasons you should consider Surface in your next upgrade.

1. Surface Devices are Growing More Versatile

It doesn’t matter how your business uses devices, there’s probably a Surface solution for you. Early Surface hybrids were tablets with an easily attachable keyboard so that you could treat them like laptops in a moment’s notice. The Surface Book is an even more versatile full laptop that can act as a tablet and detach in a pinch. The Surface Studio is a large desktop PC that can handle even more complex or screen-demanding projects. There’s even Surface Hub, which is designed for large conference rooms. As the Surface line has expanded, it has grown far more adept at filling in gaps and meeting business needs no matter how they prefer their hardware.

2. Mobility When You Need It

While the Studio and Hub are designed to stay in one spot, most Surface devices are made for mobile activity (we wouldn’t be surprised to see a Surface Phone pop up in the next few years, either). That’s ideal for businesses that are switching to more flexible scheduling, more open office setups, more on-the-go work, and more remote office situations. Hybrid tablets and do-a-little-of-everything devices like the Surface Book are ideal for these situations. Plus, the focus on Windows 10 and standard business apps like Word and PowerPoint often make Surface devices more reasonable for mobile work than alternative options.

3. Versatile Modes of Operation

Surface devices aren’t just mobile, they are also open to a variety of different uses. One of the complaints in some companies – especially for marketing and design – about Windows products is that they aren’t very friendly toward more delicate visual work. Microsoft has been working to change that image, with success. Even the Studio was named for this particular target audience, and its 28-inch, ultra HD touchscreen was specifically designed to be friendly to artists. The Studio also includes the Surface Dial for fast palette changes and other design options, while both the Surface Book and Studio come with the Surface Pen for sketching, note-taking, and other tasks. There’s literally something for everyone.

4. Microsoft Cloud Services

Everyone has a variety of cloud services that they’re eager to offer businesses. But Microsoft’s services available with Surface devices come with several more unique benefits. Options like Office 365 exist to bring a more secure version of Office to employees no matter where they are or what computer they are using. Microsoft Azure, on the other hand, is a fuller suite of apps and services that allow a company to quickly create its own customized, over-the-net platform for its particular needs (plus you pay by usage, not by what you use). Services like these typically come with free trials and discounts when you buy Surface products as well, allowing you to test them out.

5. A Focus On Security

Microsoft knows that businesses still use plenty of Windows apps and services, and it knows that security is a top concern for many of these businesses. As a result, there is a definite focus on Surface and Windows 10 on providing top-line to security, from biometrics to new security analytics. This has lead to the NSA adding Windows 10 and Surface to its list of devices recommended for classified use, among other security benefits.

6. Microsoft Deals for Schools and Nonprofits

Microsoft has some excellent deals for schools, nonprofits, and similar organizations. That includes massive Surface discounts, donations to qualifying nonprofits, and many other efforts that help these kinds of organizations. If you can qualify, don’t ignore these deals and programs!

7. User Preference is Trending Toward Surface

Okay, but what do people actually prefer to use? It turns out that they are increasingly fans of Surface devices. In April 2017, for the first time we saw Microsoft tablets overcome Apple tablets in the J.D. Power Tablet Survey, which compared Surface tablets and iPads (among other options). Employee satisfaction is, of course, an important metric when making any big switch to new hardware, so it’s good to see that people are responding so positively to the latest Surface offerings. Getting buy-in for Surface devices has never been easier!

Interested in more information about upgrading your office or switching to Microsoft products and services! Infiniwiz can help.


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