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IT Company For Your Business IT Needs

Infiniwiz…our name says it all.

Break it apart, and you get…

Infinity & Wizards

Why these two words?


Our team really are wizards at what they do.

It is truly magical what the right IT implementation can do for a company like yours.

More Efficiency. Better Productivity. Higher Profits.

What about the “infinity” part?

We have developed a full-service subscription IT package that is, well… Infinite.

Everything IT you need.

Everything IT you could ever need.

All under one roof.


Is your Chicagoland business ready to experience what freedom from IT pain, headaches, and hassles feels like?

We’re ready to show you!

After all, your sick and tired of breakdowns, slowdowns, and downtime – aren’t you?

You know, the stuff caused by unreliable IT and even less reliable computer-fix-it guys that only seem to want to send bills and never get to the root of the problem.

Infiniwiz is a different kind of computer service company!

We offer all our solutions at one flat monthly rate.

This enables you to take control of your IT budget and plan for the future.

What kind of services do we offer in our all-you-can-eat service package?

Everything you need and none of the IT headaches!

We told you we were wizards!

It’s time to get started.

Call us now at (847) 499-1500 or send an email to

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