How Do You Know The IT Support Organization Is Doing Their Best?

If you had to stop and think for a moment – do you know what you’re genuinely getting from your managed IT Support company? Are they doing their best or just enough?

Daily, we receive calls or live chats from decision-makers curious about getting a higher quality of IT Support from vendors. Through many conversations, we discover that their current IT service provider keeps dropping the ball. And this caller is ready for a change.

It is shocking to hear how these individuals were treated—then finding out the conditions of the server closets, equipment, or how the placement of devices got handled.

I must ask you: is the current level of service you’re getting meeting all your needs? It’s easy for an IT vendor to get complacent if you’ve used them for a while. It’s easy to assume they’re doing their best – but do you genuinely know you’re getting their best service?

What Should A Managed IT Support Company Be Doing For You?

For starters, an IT support company should provide at least these five key service features. If they’re not, you know it’s time to search for IT support that does

IT Support Organizations Must Deliver Genuine Support Services

The following are types of Help Desk components. First, there is a helpline, ticketed Support, and a client online support portal. Next comes IT Support offered in tiered models. Those models can be in blocks of hours or unlimited. Finally, you have layered models. Those get provided as bundled support packages, such as On-Site or On-Demand.

IT Support Organizations Should Include Basic Cloud Infrastructure

An IT support organization routinely manages cloud infrastructure and the interactions between multiple cloud environments. That model allows greater control over specific services to outsource. That enables the ability to exchange and use information from consumers and providers.

IT Support Organizations Has To Deliver Communication Vendor Management

Whatever your business communication needs are, an IT support firm can match your technology needs with the correct vendor. If your use PBX, VoIP, cloud-based phones, your IT company would know the right solution to recommend. Furthermore, they can assist by partnering with your vendor to guarantee everything runs smoothly.

IT Support Organizations Delivers Both Network and Infrastructure Management

Without question, the area of your IT infrastructure, your network, is as crucial as any other component. Your system is everything—both literally and virtually. Your network connects it all, and that represents the environment. That’s why your IT infrastructure and network both require ongoing support.

IT Support Organizations Always Provides Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity protection is the most valuable asset protecting your environment. It requires around the clock monitoring, maintenance, testing, managing, and documenting. A managed IT firm will always deliver a wide range of cybersecurity solutions, packages, and services. That includes assessments, audits, patch management, and upgrades.

Is The IT Support Organization Doing Their Best For You?

If you’re considering switching IT support providers, we recommend doing some research before making the transition. You want to know if that new provider can genuinely deliver on the five essential services mentioned above. By doing so, you can avoid the same obstacles you faced with the previous provider.