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Nov 22, 2022

LinkedIn Training Programs to Improve Your Work Ethics

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It is never too late to learn more on how to improve your work ethics so that you can make the most productive judgments and actions for your organization and team. Whether it is learning more about time management, how to effectively use Microsoft Excel, or organizing your remote office for maximum productivity, there are many methods that other business owners utilize that have improved their workflow for the betterment of their business.

LinkedIn offers a variety of learning courses designed for business owners and their team if there are any business practices or advice you would like. As a result, with a monthly membership, you can access all of the courses that will improve your workflow.

Here are a few of the courses they offer.

● Communication Within Teams Course

Dr. Daisy Lovelace, a professor at Duke University, will show you how to develop effective communication habits in this course. She outlines and describes how to create a clear goal to set the standards for how you cooperate as a team. Along with talking about crucial aspects of team communication including building trust and holding teammates accountable, Dr. Lovelace also demonstrates the best ways to interact with your team in diverse situations.

● Excel: You Can Do This

With this course, you can perform more tasks once you have a foundational understanding of Excel. Oz du Soleil, the Excel expert, guides users through functions and commands including COUNTIFS, and even VLOOKUP in this quick course. Overall, Oz simplifies Excel's most difficult features so that you can use Excel more frequently.

● Organizing Your Remote Office for Maximum Productivity

To create a productive, at-home, workspace, this course teaches you to use your own unique productivity style. Essentially, this course will talk about adapting to any space, select the appropriate technology and equipment, improve your video meeting presentation, organize your documents and files, establish boundaries with those who share your workspace, etc. Additionally, you will be able to develop the planning skills to transport your workspace wherever business takes you.

● Inclusive Leadership

This course gives you a framework for what leadership is, how it is used, and the most common methods. Professor Lyon addresses ways of communication, responsibility, authenticity, purpose, and empathy which he believes is the largest influence on your success as a leader. He also discusses why you should prioritize these traits.

● Time Management

Dave Crenshaw, a productivity specialist, offers tips on a number of subjects that are intended to help people manage their time more effectively and eventually become more productive. You are able to learn everything from scheduling meetings and managing emails to prioritizing tasks, working with colleagues, minimizing interruptions, developing a "productivity mentality," and improving the environment at work.

Overall, these are some of the few courses available through LinkedIn for you and your team. Other courses available include, but are not limited to:

  •  Online Searching Tips and Tricks
  •  Defining and Achieving Professional Goals
  • Team Collaboration in Office 365 (Microsoft 365)
  •  Travel Hacks: Staying Productive on the Road
  •  PowerPoint: Animating Text and Objects for Beginners

Check out these courses here to see if there are any that are beneficial for you and your team!

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