What Is Managed IT Services?

Infiwiz offers managed IT services and monitoring to companies throughout the Chicagoland area, allowing owners to focus on other important aspects of their business. We are professionals in a highly specialized industry. We take care of all of your IT needs so that you don’t have to worry. Our goal is to reduce your risk of potential cyberattack and protecting your critical data so that it is always secure and easy to access. We monitor your network, making sure it is functioning at maximum efficiency so your company is always rising to its potential.

Benefits Of Managed Services To Chicago Businesses

There are many advantages to having a managed IT service on hand. There monitoring software eliminates your downtime. They can identify and repair problems before they become major issues. By being proactive, they can accomplish many of the following:

  • Secure your data
  • Protect and maintain your IT estate
  • Your IT needs are met
  • Continued monitoring to make sure all credentials are verified
  • Your employees are properly trained to function within the system
  • We keep you in compliance with industry standards and regulations

We have the knowledge and skills to keep your network in top shape giving you peace of mind and time to manage your business.

Why Hire A Chicago Managed Services Company?

No one likes unexpected fees. When we perform an IT audit, we let you know everything we find in simple terms that are easy to understand. We provide you with a detailed list of services along with the price for each one. We will also provide you with a detailed estimate for the monthly services you will need to keep your network secure and functioning as efficiently as possible. We keep it simple. We will go over ever service and what role it will play in our plan to keep your network on track and fully secure.

Having us manage your IT platforms saves you both time and money. You have the time you need to take care of the important tasks that will ensure your business remains successful. The cost for this service is extremely affordable when compared to the potential loss you may incur if your confidential information is compromised and your database is hacked. We protect your information so you can protect your business.

Your Chicago Managed Services Team

When you hire Infiniwiz to as your Chicago managed IT service, you become part of a very unique team. We work together on every level to ensure that all of your IT needs are met. We are hands-on and go to great lengths to make sure that each member of your staff has the training they need to work within your system and reduce any risk of corruption. We will be onsite at least once a month to make sure everything is in place and that all of your equipment is in good working order. In addition to our monthly visits, we will also schedule a quarterly visit to ensure we are living up to your expectations.

At Infiniwiz, we understand how important it is that your business continues to be as successful as possible. Our goal is to ensure to both manage and monitor your IT system to reduce vulnerability and tighten your security protocols. This creates a secure network that allows your business to function at maximum efficiency at all times. When you team up with Infiniwiz, you will receive all of the tools and resources to keep your business moving forward on the fast track.