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Jan 16, 2024

Microsoft Introduces an ‘AI key’ into new Keyboard System

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As Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve and continuously intertwine with our daily lives and processes, the technical landscape that we used to know in the past has continued to change right before our eyes; more specifically, changing the way that we utilize our devices has ushered in an era of unprecedented efficiency, adaptability, and deeper integration of smart technologies into our routines.

To all Microsoft users, prepare to have a new key added to your computer’s keyboard for the first time since 1994.

This new key is called “Copilot,” which, when pressed, will lead users to a generative AI assistant within Windows 10 and 11. Currently, in order for users to utilize the Copilot AI tool, one must click Windows + C simultaneously.

This new key will change the format of the keyboard, which has not been done since the “Windows” key was implemented in 1994.

While the company states that this new key is not mandatory at the moment, they state that it will be implemented in Windows 11 keyboards over time.

Check out this video to see precisely where Microsoft will place this key.

This new implementation illuminates Microsoft’s goal to push users to utilize their AI tools through integration. Microsoft’s goal is to integrate more AI features into users work processes, calling this year “The Year of AI PC” (Arstechnica).

What do users have to say about the new “Copilot” key?

On Microsoft’s video sharing details of the new Copilot, users were quite disappointed overall regarding this new change. Some users shared their disapproval of the decision, stating that Microsoft never fails to disappoint”. One user expressed a lighthearted joke about Microsoft's new Copilot feature, stating that all users need is “a sticker with a Copilot image and stick it on the Windows key or on the context menu key” sarcastically thanking Microsoft for the improvement. Another user stated that this new change “Is a step in the right direction to make Windows obsolete.”

On a more positive note, some users are excited about the push for AI, stating, “It's a change that takes 30 years to reserve a spot in the keyboard. Welcome Copilot. It's an AI era”

Overall, Microsoft's introduction of the new "Copilot" key represents the departure from the traditional way of doing things, signaling a deeper integration of artificial intelligence into our daily lives. While Microsoft envisions this key as a pivotal moment in the "Year of AI PC," this new change shows that some users are ready to embrace the step forward into the new era of AI. In contrast, others are disappointed and resistant to these new changes Microsoft is rolling out.

Infiniwiz is here to keep you up-to-date on AI evolvements so that you are prepared to navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology and stay informed about the latest advancements and innovations in artificial intelligence.

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