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Sep 26, 2013

The Navy is Using Hosted Virtual Desktops, Are You?

The US Navy has recently announced that it is launching a hosted virtual desktop pilot program that will support 7500 users to start, and may expand depending on the results of the pilot run. Navy employees will enjoy a "bring your own device," policy allowing employees with laptops and other devices to have remote access to information that is not classified or controlled. There is no word yet on whether this solution will be acceptable in the future for classified information.

The Navy's choice further demonstrates how clear it is that
hosted virtual desktops can offer excellent value to the organizations that choose to use them by:

• Giving staff members the freedom to manage work on multiple devices, from any place
• Reducing the need for on site technical support
• Cutting a company's IT budget in half or eliminating it altogether
• Giving staff members more flexibility
• Increasing productivity and profits by decreasing confusion, and streamlining communication processes
• Easing security concerns
• Easing budget concerns with predictable pricing based on usage

A virtual desktop will give each of your staff members an individual user interface in a customized virtual environment. Your host stores your desktop on a remote server (instead of locally on your in-house system); and IT professionals monitor your desktop, manage your desktop and respond to service inquiries. In many ways, this makes your system more secure.

Instead of worrying about maintaining bulky physical machinery, you will have moved everything to the cloud. Your complete desktop, and all the programs that your staff members use, will sit on a remote server; and no matter where you are in the world, that information is accessible to anyone with authorized access who needs it.

This prepares your staff well for every presentation; allows them to share, classify and process information quickly; and keeps them on the same page. Contact us to simplify and amplify your business' processes today with a hosted virtual desktop.

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