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Oct 25, 2022

New Changes? Infiniwiz’s Migrating Process for Office 365 Clients


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With any kind of business change, especially with the movement of important data, it is critical to have a procedure in place to transfer information safely to another tenant quickly and efficiently. As a result, Infiniwiz is here to assist! Essentially, if our clients wish to convert their Office 365 accounts to a new tenant, we have a process in place.

Why might a company me request a tenant-to-tenant migration?

A tenant-to-tenant migration is intended to migrate resources, data, and users, between two Microsoft 365 tenants. Customers request tenant migrations for many reasons.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Mergers
  • Tenant domain name changes
  • Change of tenant types or geographies


Before explaining our process, it's important that you have a quick synopsis of what a few technical terms mean and do.




What is the process when you migrate your information from GoDaddy?

When you transfer an Office 365 domain from one tenant to another, to begin, we would log into, say, company A's Office 365 account and remove their domain. We would then log into company B and add the new domain. This is due to Microsoft 365's policy of restricting a domain to exist on two different Office 365 accounts. As a result, it must be one or the other. To elaborate, GoDaddy cannot remove domain without entirely removing the entire tenant, including all mailboxes and additional data. So, while migrating from GoDaddy to an Office 365 tenant, we must ensure that everything is transferred and copied to domain B (the Office 365 tenant that will be the current post migration) to make sure no information is lost.

With GoDaddy, we must ensure that we have all of the old tenant’s data before proceeding. We perform a pre-migration in which we create a default Office 365 tenant (Microsoft 365 will allow you to create a tenant without an actual domain or sub domain). This allows us to temporarily create all mailboxes for the company and store the information that matches on GoDaddy to that tenant as we begin the real migration process.

We will then contact GoDaddy Support and request that the tenant be deleted, which will erase every active mailbox where the email accounts no longer exist. Once GoDaddy receives the call from us that a company wants to change their domain name, they will then delete the domain name and then we will be able to add the tenant to the new domain.

Furthermore, we employ a migration tool that will migrate all information from the old domain to the new one.

The migrating tool transfers data so efficiently that it will connect the two accounts and move information from point A to point B where all of your account information will be moved to the same location as the prior tenant, where:

  • Folders are named the same
  • Calendar invites and events are restored
  • Moves all OneDrive content

We also have a pre-staged procedure while this migration takes place so that it will not slow down your work processes.

There will be a period of time during this move when emails will bounce and employees will not receive emails. As a result, we encourage clients to allow us to perform this process after hours, when no one is sending emails and employee’s accounts will not move slowly. Once, all of the accounts’ information is migrated, your company will be able to use the new tenant and have a new domain.

Overall, while this is a time-consuming procedure, we make every effort to migrate all of your data as fast and efficiently as possible. Furthermore, we are very diligent and careful with your information, and we want to ensure that all of your information is still present on the next tenant. Please contact us if you have any questions about our migration procedure!

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