Infiniwiz is working hard to ensure that all your IT needs are met in an efficient manner. Additionally, the assistance that clients receive on a day-to-day basis would not be possible without the help of our team members. Essentially, they work hard every minute of the day (even after hours) to make sure that your company’s technology is always up and running.

We believe that it is important for clients to see the faces behind the screen and phone who are assisting you. Over the past 6 months, we have hired three new employees to our team who have been beneficial to not only our company, but yours as well! These employees are constantly working to make sure your equipment is up and running and provide you with any tech news that might help you in your daily workflow.

Davis Joerger

Davis is one of our new Systems engineers. His job is to support clients on any IT issues virtually or on site. He assists in completing client tickets for different types of issues or maintenance. Davis also helps with on-boarding and off-boarding, manages our clients VoIP phone systems, setup new computers, and maintains client’s email accounts. Davis is happily married to Kimberly and they have a wonderful son, Oliver. As a family, they enjoy taking vacations to different places to obtain new experiences and create memories. Davis also enjoys playing pool, photography, and relaxing watching movies or television shows.

Nandi Patel

Nandi is our Office Assistant for Infiniwiz. Essentially, Nandi helps the team by keeping up on clerical work, helping audit, and helping with projects. She is currently helping move over clients to the new Adobe licensing. Additionally, Nandi is a nursing student. She loves art, reading, and traveling. Nandi’s favorite animal is cats, she has two named Louie and Milo.

Brianna McDonald

Brianna is our Brand Journalist. It is her job to write blogs to enlighten clients and colleagues of IT news, tech tips, Infiniwiz processes, and answers to frequently asked questions. Overall, Brianna’s job is to bridge interpersonal connections within the team and users to create transparency. Her motto that she goes by is, “They ask, You Answer”. Brianna recently graduated from Indiana State University with a bachelor’s in Arts and Sciences. Brianna enjoys dancing, reading, and hanging out with friends.