Partner with Infiniwiz to Automate your On/Off Boarding Processes

Let Infiniwiz help you make your onboarding and offboarding process smoother and implement checks and balances to make sure new employees can get to work faster.  

When you onboard new staff, there are a ton of details to work out. Most companies believe their process goes very smoothly, but about 85% of employees seem to feel differently. Automating the onboarding process helps you ensure that new employees have everything they need on Day 1. Automating the offboarding process improves your security and ensures former employees cannot access your network.

Let’s take a look at how you can present a great impression to people who have come to work at your company. How they are treated when they walk in the door may just impact how long they stay.

Why Are First Impressions so Important?

When a survey reveals that just 15% of employees have the resources they need to perform their duties, something systemic is wrong in the workplace. Partnering with a managed IT firm to automate the onboarding process at your Chicago company can help you change this experience in your organization.

Whether it’s access to applications or hardware provisioning, the onboarding process can be automated if your infrastructure is set up appropriately. Here’s what survey participants list as their new hire pain points:

  • Process is not well defined
  • Process needs to be automation
  • Lack of resources

First impressions matter. Impressing new hires with a fast, comprehensive onboarding ritual leaves a lasting impression that employees take home and pass on to friends and acquaintances looking for a job.

Why Do People Still Like to Do Things the Hard Way?

After you automate the onboarding and offboarding process, there’s still work to be done. When an employee is promoted or moves to another department, the following tasks are required:

  • Terminate access to unnecessary systems
  • Grant access to new required systems

Just over half of the respondents say these processes occur smoothly in their company. Infiniwiz helps its clients automate security to create accountability and verification when migrating employees need a different set of tools. In a perfect world, the process is completed automatically after HR makes the request.

What About Offboarding?

You may wish employees well when they leave the company, but it certainly creates a lot of work for your IT department. It may take a week or more to fully deprovision an employee after they’ve handed in their badge and equipment.

Archaic systems and fragmented security gatekeepers make it next to impossible to confidently declare that the last employee to leave can no longer access sensitive data and systems. Even if you take away their network logins, some employees may have access to admin passwords for systems where the security process isn’t centralized or transparent.

Here are the top risks of gaps in your deprovisioning process:

  • Data leaks and breaches
  • Cybersecurity hacks via unmanaged accounts
  • Malicious data deletion or theft by a terminated employee

What Are the Compliance Ramifications?

An audit from an external regulatory authority can reveal unmanaged accounts that violate various compliance standards. HIPAA, SOX and GDPR are three common compliance standards. Failing to properly secure data can result in hefty fines and a damaged reputation that most companies cannot afford.

Why Choose Infiniwiz to Automate Your Onboarding and Offboarding?

Infiniwiz has provided managed IT services to clients in the Chicagoland area and beyond since 2002. Our consultants are experts in their fields and we focus on making your IT infrastructure more efficient. Let Infiniwiz help you make your onboarding and offboarding process smoother and implement checks and balances to make sure new employees can get to work faster.