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Dec 20, 2022

OpenAI: Accessing Answers Rapidly with Advance Technology

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If you haven't heard about the commotion over the new and innovative artificial intelligence, Open AI has produced a chatGTB bot that responds to any questions you may have with concise and clear responses. This program is unique since it is a generative AI that can develop new content rather than analyze existing data. To elaborate, the AI customizes answers by assembling knowledge so that you do not have to browse through multiple websites and receive a variety of solutions. As a result, I decided to investigate OpenAI to learn more about what this technology can do.

First, I decided to query the chat about some of its operations and what it ultimately achieves. I received the following response:

"As an artificial intelligence, my main job is to help people by providing knowledge, replying to requests, and executing tasks. I have a broad range of general knowledge, including knowledge of history, science, and current events. I can also help with specific jobs such as computations, translation, and terminology research. My objective is to help individuals locate the information they need to make their lives easier and more productive."

How does OpenAI work?

OpenAI, a research group focused on creating and promoting artificial intelligence, programmed the chatbot. It was fed a big dataset of text and taught to predict the next word in a sequence based on the words that came before it. This approach educated the tool about language and the structure of written communication, as well as the ability to write human-like language.

How is this tool educated?

OpenAI has been trained on a large amount of text data and can deliver reliable information on a variety of topics. While the bot does not have access to the internet, the information it offers is based on the knowledge that was available at the time of its training and when accurate and reliable data was collected.

So, what can this AI do?

● Answer questions quickly and efficiently

The questions you're looking for will be generated by the AI in a few seconds. The program will analyze your query and type out the answer in front of you as soon as you click send.

● The AI helps you with creativity

Whether the AI is assisting you with creative ideas for a birthday party, writing an original song for you, or even telling you a funny story, the bot is here to help.

● Assists you with writer's block

In the event that you have writer's block and require assistance, this AI application will draft whatever you require. Whether it is drafting an email for you or even a quick article, the bot can help. However, stealing direct information from the bot would be deemed plagiarism, especially for articles and essays, we do advise that you only utilize this aid to help write and come up with your own writing.

● Gives you “How-to” tutorials

If you need step-by-step directions to perform a task or are unsure how to do something, this AI is here to help. Our engineers have been able to get timely solutions for many of the problems they’ve sought to fix, such as being given a manual to use to fix a PowerShell when the script they found online wasn't updated.

While OpenAI is help answer many of your questions, it is also important to note that automation is not always perfect and has limitations.

In the case of this new tool, the creators warn users of the following limitations of the AI tool:

  • May occasionally generate incorrect information
  • May occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content
  • Limited knowledge of the world and events after 2021

As a result of these limitations, it is critical to use this tool with caution. Make sure that you undertake more study on your own, before relying on the AI.

Overall, this new technology demonstrates that we are making progress in terms of how automation technologies will make job processes easier and more efficient. If you would want to try out this new AI, I have added the link here.

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