What Is Perch?

Would you know if one of your employees either accidentally or intentionally downloaded an infected application, or visited a website that triggered a virus to breach your network? Unfortunately, antivirus solutions and firewalls no longer provide all the protection you need. No matter how honest they are, your employees are your weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity. You must monitor their internet activity.

What you need is an alerting service that listens to all the traffic that comes through your network, analyses it quickly, and, if suspicious, sends it on to IT professionals who determine if you have a problem. This is what Perch does.

Perch Detects When Your Employees Do Something They Shouldn’t

We’re not trying to get anyone in trouble. We just what to let you know if any of your employees are using risky internet behavior.

Perch works on any application or service that can access the Internet. If someone goes online or uses any type of cloud service, you’ll know. Most of the time, this is fine. But if they visit a malicious site or download something that they shouldn’t, you’ll know.

Perch Alerts You When Suspicious Activity Takes Place

Perch uses advanced analytics and correlation to detect threats and generate automated notifications 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to quickly go through everything that’s collected and classifies it as normal or suspicious.

All suspicious activity is then sent to a live IT professional for further analysis. The security analysts review your data for oversight and compliance. If they determine a risk, they will call you or us, based on how you want your Perch system set up.

Perch doesn’t stop malicious traffic. We have other solutions to do this for you. However, it lets us know if your employees are visiting malicious sites and what they did. We can then take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening again.

Some Scenarios Where Perch Can Help

There have been situations where users downloaded and installed applications without administrative permission or the admin even knowing.

For example, you may have a policy where you don’t allow Dropbox; Dropbox doesn’t require administrative privileges, so you wouldn’t want your users to download it. Or, if someone uses a messaging application that’s not approved for use, you’ll know this too.

If an employee downloads a virus-laden application or visits a website that’s infected, the virus could infect your entire network and shut you down. Perch will let us know if a malicious virus has been downloaded.

You need to know what’s happening on your network at all times to so you can act on it and stop viruses and malware from infecting your system.

With alerting, AI, and live security watching out for you, we can catch things quickly to prevent infections, breaches and malicious activities from hurting your business.

Perch Is More Than Event Monitoring

You may say that you already have Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM). Perch is much more.

A SIEM solution alone can generate thousands of alerts each day, but many are false positives. To efficiently process the output, security engineers must make sense of a SIEM’s output to fine-tune the correlation rules and determine which alerts require further investigation or immediate attention.

Both automated and manual inspections workflows must be in place to protect your IT infrastructure. This is what Perch does.

Perch Is Affordable

The frequency of today’s cyber attacks and data breaches requires that you bolster your defenses. And, many businesses are recognizing the need for a security operations center (SOC) that combines the right people, processes and technology to help them effectively identify and respond to growing threats.

But for small and mid-sized networks, a SOC isn’t feasible due to its expense. Thankfully you can sign up for Perch. It’s like having a SIEM and SOC combined, and for an affordable monthly fee.

Perch Provides More

Perch is an extra level of security that you would use in conjunction with your firewall and antivirus. No one solution is enough. But with the right layered cybersecurity system and Perch watching over it all, you should be covered.

We can tell you more about Perch and perform a demo for business in Chicagoland. Contact the team at Infiniwiz to learn more.