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QuickBooks Desktop by Infiniwiz

QuickBooks Desktop By Infiniwiz Is The Desktop Version Of QuickBooks That You Know And Love Using But Has The Ability To Go Mobile And Automatically Back Up Your Files Securely.

What is QuickBooks Desktop By Infiniwiz? How is it different from QuickBooks Desktop?

Is it the same as QuickBooks Online? Why should you consider using it? Here are the answers to all these questions and more.

What Is QuickBooks Desktop By Infiniwiz?

QuickBooks Desktop By Infiniwiz is the Desktop version of QuickBooks that you know and love using but can go mobile and automatically back up your files securely.

You'll no longer be tied to your desktop and you can also use it with Mac computers and laptops. Sign on securely with your ID and password, and you can work in real time and share files with your authorized users.

QuickBooks Desktop By Infiniwiz:

  • Is hosted on a virtual server in our secure data center so you can use it from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Is available 24/7 so you and your authorized users can access it from any computer, anywhere, anytime.
  • Automatically backs up your QuickBooks files to your virtual online server for complete security and recoverability.
  • Lets businesses and accountants work together in real time and see the same updates.
  • Avoids having to send confidential files over email.
  • Is all yours - only you and your approved users can access it.

How Is QuickBooks Desktop By Infiniwiz Different Than QuickBooks Desktop?

Did you know that your local version of QuickBooks Desktop doesn't back up your files securely? They are stored on your computer or local server. If these go down, or your office is destroyed by flood or fire, your QuickBooks Desktop files are too!

But not with QuickBooks Desktop by Infiniwiz:

  • Your files will be automatically backed up to our secure Data Center where they'll be recoverable no matter what.
  • You and your approved users will have any time, anywhere access so you can work from home, when traveling or wherever you have a secure internet connection.
  • And you won't have to worry if your office is damaged or shut down for any reason. You’ll still have access to your QuickBooks.

How Does QuickBooks From Infiniwiz Help Small or Midsized Businesses?

You can add or delete user access as needed. This means you can add your accountant as a user to expedite financial calculations and reporting. It's much safer than emailing files back and forth, and you and your accountant and your other users will have real-time capabilities. You'll always be working off the same versions and can see each other's additions or changes.

How Does QuickBooks From Infiniwiz Help Accountants?

You can set up private files for your clients and provide them with the credentials to log in and make updates or changes that you require. They won't see your other clients' QuickBooks files. Everything remains private and separate. But you'll have access to all of your clients' QuickBooks files from one location.

This is a massive win for accountants:

  • You'll have your virtual server with all of your company files in the same QuickBooks location.
  • You won't need to connect to different computers or need to send or receive files over email.
  • You can give each of your client's separate login credentials for their files that you're working on.
  • And changes are made in real time, making collaboration easy and seamless.

QuickBooks Online Can't Compare To QuickBooks Desktop By Infiniwiz

It doesn't have all the features that QuickBooks Desktop By Infiniwiz does.

QuickBooks Online is limited in some ways:

  • You can't calculate discounts by a customer;
  • You can't calculate and rebill job costs;
  • It only provides Basic Inventory Management; and
  • It only provides Basic Employee/Payroll capabilities.

And, if you are currently using QuickBooks Desktop and switch to QuickBooks Online, you won't be able to access features that you did with the Desktop version. It's also set up differently and is an entirely different software solution. This means that you'll have to learn how to use it all over again.

How Does QuickBooks Desktop By Infiniwiz Compare To QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop By Infiniwiz QuickBooks Desktop

  • Work From Anywhere
  • Secure Cloud Environment
  • Automatic Backups
  • Instant Files Access For Accountant 
  • System Compatibility
  • Create Professional Invoices
  • Track Sales & Expenses
  • Manage Accounts Payable
  • One-Click Sales & Tax Reports
  • Suitable for Existing QB Desktop Customers
  • Calculate Discounts by Customer
  • Calculate & Rebill Job Costs
  • Inventory Management
  • Employees/Payroll

The Answer Is Obvious

If you like QuickBooks Desktop, and you want a true online version with all the same features you have now plus mobility, security, automatic backups, Mac capability, and the ability to collaborate in real time with your approved users, QuickBooks Desktop By Infniwiz is the answer.

For more information or a complimentary demonstration of QuickBooks Desktop By Infiniwiz contact us at: (847) 499-1500

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