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Oct 11, 2022

Quillbot: An AI tool that makes writing much easier


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Professional writing is essential in business. Fluency, correct grammar, simplicity, etc. are essential attributes that not only give your company credibility and confidence in what you are speaking about, but also ensure effective communication with team members, clients, and business partners. When writing emails, adding information to your website, marketing, presenting, etc. you may find it time consuming to express yourself clearly to those reading. You may also wonder how you can make your word choice more creative in order to pique the interest of your specific target audience. As a result, allow me to introduce you to the different features of Quillbot, an innovative AI tool that improves and enhances your business writing.

  • Standard Tool

If you want to rewrite sentences so that it seems more intelligible and straightforward, the standard tool works well. The AI tool will restate a few words, such adjectives, and verbs, that are closest in meaning to the word you choose. Additionally, this tool will structure your sentence placement to make your sentences correlate and make the best sense.


  • Fluency Tool

The fluency tool is effective because it ensures that your text is readable and free of grammatical errors. This is a very useful tool because the system can detect any grammatical errors in your text and fix them in seconds.


  • Formal Tool

Your writing can be produced more professionally thanks to the formal tool. If you're writing business- or academic-related texts like essays, formal emails, cover letters, reports, presentations, etc., this tool is for you.


  • Simple Tool

As the name implies, this tool simplifies your text so that it is easy for anyone to read with simple wording. This tool is ideal for presentations that include bullet points, SEO titles, brief directions, marketing, etc.


  • Creative Tool

Quillbot also has a creative tool that can make your text sound more innovative and interesting to read. The tool employs intriguing but powerful adjectives to enliven your text. This tool is useful for captions on social media, blog posts, books, non-formal emails, and so on.


  • Expand Tool

Do you think your material is too short and that it needs to be addressed more thoroughly and specifically? The expand tool adds words to your text to help it become more detailed. However, it is best practice to be direct and straight to the point with your audience.

  • Shorten Tool

The shorten tool eliminates unnecessary words so that you may make your message clearer. This application is beneficial for blogs, emails, articles, captions, etc.


Overall, this is an excellent tool to use to ensure that your text is in the appropriate context that you would like. You can access all its capabilities, such as unrestricted text rephrasing, tone recognition, rapid processing, and plagiarism checks, with a monthly membership. However, it is crucial that you proofread your writing to ensure that the context and language are correct even with the help of AI.

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