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Ransomware Removal By IT Experts

Yes, it’s a scary digital world out there.

Ransomware is a variety of malware that encrypts user files and demands an exorbitant fee, in exchange for a key to unlock and decode your files. One important thing about ransomware is that it can infect other computers in the same network, which is why it has become a major threat to businesses and average users alike.

Demands for payment may range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, mostly transacted through bitcoin. Giving in and paying the fee might be the easy way out, but there is no reasonable guarantee that the keys will work. Moreover, it helps the attacker gain more capital to develop and create more malware and spread virally.

You have to be proactive about protecting your network – and your customer’s confidential information – from hackers that want to steal your data.

There are different kinds of ransomware spreading on the internet, and just one of these can damage your company’s system. The most important files are typically the target of ransomware, and you can’t afford to have that risk exist within your infrastructure. There are different ways to prevent ransomware infections, and if you have access to IT security personnel well-versed in combatting ransomware, you can have it removed from your computers.

That’s what the Infiniwiz team does for you!

Infiniwiz employs a set of IT experts assigned and specialized in combatting malware and ransomware. We’ve been in the business of providing professional network and IT security for businesses of all sizes. Our network security experts have developed a superior approach to locate your vulnerabilities and remove them. Avoiding ransomware and different kinds of attacks on your computers is within our reach.

Related services we provide in this area of concentration are as follows.

  • Ransomware Proactive Prevention
  • Ransomware and Malware Removal
  • Managed Network Security
  • File Decryption Service
  • File Backup and Sync

We’re the guys you want on your side- don’t fall victim to costly ransomware attacks.

We’ll keep you safe.

That’s it.

Let’s get started…

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