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Apr 14, 2016

Reliable Network Architecture By Design

When you think about what you want in a cloud hosting company, network architecture is probably not on the top of the list. However, it is a very important aspect of the service that you pay for. It could determine whether or not you lose time and/or data.

Reliable cloud networking is one of the top decision-making factors when choosing a cloud hosting service for business. Our computer networks use Hyper V clusters, failovers, and redundancy to give our customers the reliability they need.

Disaster scenarios are part of any good network architecture plan to ensure minimal downtime and prevent loss of data. Infiniwiz designs its systems to keep your virtual server up and running even in the face of equipment failure. All of this service comes with no additional cost to the customer.

A recent Data Center Knowledge article exemplifies the need for disaster preparedness in cloud networking:

    “When an organization goes from 30 percent virtualized to 70 percent, or from on-premises email servers to Office 365 in the cloud, these evolutions to your infrastructure drive the need to redefine your data protection strategy,” says Buffington. “Legacy approaches for data protection can’t protect all of the data in these more complex environments.”

Infiniwiz recognizes that traditional data protection methods are not satisfactory. This is why our network architecture design accounts for possible machine failures and automatically responds to them with failovers within the Hyper V clusters. Along with server redundancy, Infiniwiz has state of the art and very reliable designs.

If you're interested in more information about our reliable cloud services, contact us.

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