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Tips For Drafting A Comprehensive HIPAA Business Associate Agreement

Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) are an important part of HIPAA compliance for your practice...

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How To Strengthen Mobile Policies And Keep Up With HIP AA

Mobile devices are an asset that most healthcare professionals wouldn't want to - and likely couldn't - do without in a modern hospital, clinic, or pr..

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Is Your It Infrastructure Capable Of Supporting In EHR Solution

Most hospitals, practices, and clinics today have some type of EHR solution in place...

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Four Tips to Help Your Practice Choose The Right Hipaa Compliant Cloud Provider

Cloud storage is convenient and cost-effective means of storing, archiving, and sharing important data, and has been steadily growing in popularity am..

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The SMB’s Guide To Cybercrime

SMBs are at risk for cyberattacks, just like their larger counterparts — new data shows that they've become a bigger target for today's cybercrimina..

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A Business Preparedness Guide For Technology Continuity

When it comes to disaster preparedness for your business, you must prepare for the worst. When an incident, whether internal or external, manmade or n..

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Windows 10 Creators Edition Tips & Tricks

In April 2017, Microsoft released the new Windows 10 Creators Edition. Its features will save you hours of time, lower your "frustration temperature" ..

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Is Your Business Overdue For An IT System Upgrade?

If So, You May Be Missing Out on Increased Efficiency, Productivity and Security – And This May Cost You in the End...

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What Business Continuity Is & Isn’t

Business Continuity Is Misunderstand By Many. Some Think It's Just About data backup. Some Think Its's Just About Disaster Recover...

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Protect Your SMB From Cyberattacks

If you think your small business isn't a target for cyberattacks because of its size, or because you don't have anything worth stealing, you're wrong!..

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Microsoft Office 365 Benefits For Small Businesses

As Technology Becomes Essential To Gaining A Competitive Advantage, Cloud Services Like Office 365 Help Small Businesses Like Yours Outperform The Com..

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