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May 8, 2023

Simplify Business Communication with Mobile-X

Simplify Business Communication with Mobile-X

Communication is essential for any successful business. In today’s technological-based world, phones have become imperative for a company’s team to stay connected with clients, customers, and colleagues. However, utilizing personal cellular devices for business communication can be quite difficult, more specifically for companies that value privacy, security, and control over their business data.

This is where Mobile-X comes in. Mobile-X is a new solution that is provided by Voice-Over-IP phone companies. The goal of Mobile-X is to simplify business communication as well as boost employee productivity by providing business communication from anywhere or on any mobile device. The company states that “with Mobile-X, employees can toggle between their personal and work phone numbers seamlessly, making managing their communication channels easier and staying productive on the go” (OIT).

I had the opportunity to speak with Kaden Evenson, our Service Coordinator, who recently set up Mobile-X for one of our clients. In this blog, I would like to talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of the new service and how it will soon be a game changer for business communications as it continues to evolve.

One of the biggest advantages of Mobile-X is that it doesn't layer on top of an existing mobile connection or rely on Wi-Fi to connect calls meaning you're not limited to an internet connection with Mobile-X. Instead, it has its own connectivity through a native cellular network via AT&T/T-Mobile cell towers, providing more flexibility in where calls can be made and received, resulting in fewer missed or dropped calls than communication apps provided by VoIP providers to be used on smartphones.

Mobile-X's integration with the cell phone's SIM card turns it into a device that can be seamlessly integrated into your business VoIP phone system without missing out on any of the features lost by forwarding calls out to a cell phone number.

But what makes Mobile-X stand out from other communication solutions is its reliability and security. With Mobile-X, call recordings can be captured normally from a cell phone, something that was not previously possible. This feature is especially crucial for companies that require call recordings for compliance or legal purposes.

Mobile-X also allows for call roaming, which is an important feature for businesses with employees who travel. VoIP applications for smartphones, such as ‘SnapMobile’ can sometimes have issues with overseas usage. However, with Mobile-X, call recordings are still captured, making it an ideal solution for businesses with a global reach.

Mobile-X also has some specific advantages that are not available with regular cellular phones or VoIP apps. For example, call logs are saved in the VoIP portal together with other calling data for business extensions, allowing for unified reporting that wouldn't be possible if you used a regular cellular phone. Additionally, recordings of calls are saved there too, and when calling from the cell phone, it shows the company caller ID. These features are available with existing apps the VoIP companies provide for use on smartphones, but the reliability of these apps can be bad when used outside of Wi-Fi, and most people avoid using it.

What are its limitations?

It does come with limitations. For instance, there is a limit on data usage, although there are no exact figures at the moment. Additionally, Mobile-X doesn't allow for everything a normal phone provider would, such as dual/virtual SIM cards, and hotspots. Also, because Mobile-X piggybacks off other companies' cell towers, the connections may not be as reliable or fast as other providers in some areas.

However, we realize that this service is still in the early stages of its development, and these limitations may be addressed in the future.

Overall, Mobile-X is a game-changer for businesses that value secure, reliable, and flexible communication solutions. Its integration with the business VoIP phone system, call recording capabilities and call roaming features make it an excellent investment for companies of all sizes. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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