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Apr 25, 2017

Case Study: How Infiniwiz Helped a Family Restaurant

Client Profile

Prasino, founded in December of 2009 by the Maglaris family, is a new concept restaurant with the slogan Eat Green Live Well. Prasino patrons can enjoy full service breakfast, lunch and dinner with a focus on clean, organic and locally sourced foods. Prasino currently has two locations in La Grange and St Charles, IL, and is in the process of opening a third location in Chicago (coming Spring 2011). Prior to making the switch to Infiniwiz hosted services, Prasino management used SugarSync to share data and Comcast VoIP for their business phone service.

The Challenge

Managers struggled with the SugarSync system, finding it complicated to use and difficult to share files and documents between themselves. The busy management team needed a simple, user friendly solution.

With its rapid growth and increased popularity, Prasino also outgrew the basic VoIP phone services offered by Comcast. They needed additional professional features to help boost their company image.

The Solution

After a careful assessment of Prasino’s needs, Infiniwiz proposed a Hosted Desktop solution for data sharing and a hosted VoIP PBX phone system to improve their telecommunications. The restaurant got the ease of use and features they needed, while enjoying Infiniwiz’s complete system management and 24×7 technical support.

One of the system’s biggest benefits is simplicity. Infiniwiz provided a very straightforward, seamless and user friendly solution. – John Parker, General Manager, Prasino

Hosted Desktop

As the business grew, Prasino soon found itself with six managers, who worked in different locations or on different days and yet needed access to the same data such as documents, marketing materials and financial information.

The Infiniwiz Hosted Desktop solution put all the pertinent data on a single shared drive, accessible from two workstations (one at each location). Every manager had their own credentials allowing them to access their own virtual desktops, which they could modify to suit their needs. Such customization did not affect the other managers, as they each had access to their own personal desktop. Even though the virtual desktops were private, they are had the same shared drive with all the same programs and databases.

The virtual desktop solution also allowed managers the flexibility of working remotely. They only needed a computer with internet access to be able to access their own desktop.

It turned out we were very busy so we quickly had several managers on staff, all of who needed access to the same data. This is where Infiniwiz worked well for us because it allowed us quick and easy access to the shared information. – John Parker, General Manager, Prasino

Hosted VoIP

As their business grew, Prasino needed a more robust business phone system to handle their ever-growing needs.

The Infiniwiz hosted VoIP phone system works seamlessly between the restaurant’s two locations. If someone calls from St Charles to the La Grange location or vice versa, they simply dial a 4 digit extension. Also, because of the unified system it is easy to transfer or park calls.

The newly implemented VoIP PBX phone service hosted by Infiniwiz also helps the owner Ted Maglaris to easily stay connected; any incoming phone calls received in one of the locations can be easily transferred to his cell phone as needed, which was not possible with their previous VoIP system.

Interactive Virtual Receptionist (IVR) is another feature that has helped Prasino improve the image of their business. Both locations now have professionally recorded greetings with multi-level menus that guide callers in the right direction, whether they want to make a reservation, a takeout order, or connect with the chef or the general manager.

Hosted Exchange

By bringing in the Infiniwiz Microsoft Exchange solution, the owner, who is always on the go, can stay connected at all times. His email and calendar are continuously synchronized on the phone via the Exchange server hosted by Infiniwiz. This way he knows his schedule and is constantly up to date on all email communication from wherever he happens to be.

In Summary

As a result of utilizing Infiniwiz hosted services, Prasino has been able to streamline their processes with seamlessly integrated solutions including email, phone, and document sharing. They are also backed by Infiniwiz’s unlimited, knowledgeable support team, always at the ready to respond quickly to any query.

Since Prasino is currently working on opening a third location in Chicago, with Infiniwiz’s scalable offerings they know exactly what it will cost them to add VoIP phones, Desktop users and Exchange email users. With no implementation fees and the ability to add phones and users as needed, Infiniwiz hosted services can grow right along with the expanding restaurant.

The expertise and support that Infiniwiz has offered is unbelievable! If we have a problem we can just call or email and these guys are very quick to respond. – John Parker, General Manager, Prasino

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