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Structured Cabling by IT Professionals

Network cables, wires, and cords are necessary connectors of data, power, and voice on your business premises. Although these cables are important for any system to function properly, having too many cables running out of hardware, floors and ceilings tend to cause accidents and cause more headaches when troubleshooting IT issues. Leaving this mess for months and years lets you forget the designated arrangement and the what pieces of hardware they connect. Thoroughly planned structured cabling is the way to go as a solution for an efficient cabling system, free from organizational hiccups.

Proper data cabling turns multiple hardware architectures - into neatly structured runs and server rooms. Structured cabling is backed by a set of standards that specify wiring for different use cases recognized globally and are developed by manufacturers who want their products to work together.

Structured cabling from Infiniwiz

We deliver solid, end to end cabling solutions installed for an affordable price in a timely manner. We'll work with you to learn your IT environment preferences and specifications, then make an analysis on how we should execute cabling on all points, across the office.

Our cabling solution is backed with a warranty. You are assured that our cabling service will cover your organization for years to come, in a world of changing network technology.

Infiniwiz offers different types of cabling solutions.

  • Telecommunication systems Cabling
  • Data Network Cabling
  • Security Surveillance Systems Cabling
  • Data Center Structured Cabling
  • Fiber Optics
  • Residential Cabling
  • Copper Cabling Solutions
    • Category 8 Range
    • Category 7A Range
    • Category 6A Range
    • Category 6 Range
    • Category 5E Range

Pick up the phone! Here’s our number (847) 499-1500

Talk to the Infiniwiz team about our Structured Cabling Services. You can also send an email to now.

We’ll show you how Structured Cabling can change your business for the better, when supported by Infiniwiz!

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