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Apr 4, 2023

The AI Revolution: Are We Prepared to Lose 300 Million Jobs to Automation?

3d rendering humanoid robots working with headset and notebookArtificial intelligence (AI) has swiftly grown and changed our way of life and work. According to a Goldman Sachs analysis, AI might influence 300 million full-time jobs worldwide.

While the media has pushed the idea that artificial intelligence will soon take over and may have gone "too far," this philosophy is not new. The endless potential of artificial intelligence has been a complex topic for decades. In a resurfaced video, Arthur C. Clarke, a science writer, futurist, and inventor, warns that AI will one day take over numerous jobs and eventually become smarter than its creator.

See the video here: ARTHUR C. CLARKE - Predicts the end of Mankind and the rise of Artificial Intelligence. 

We've witnessed this scenario with ChatGPT, which can easily pass Bar Examinations and interact naturally with users. The CEO of ChatGPT even expressed concern about the AI chatbot, stating that he feels we must exercise caution because the tool is powerful and potentially destructive. He also stated that "many jobs will be eliminated" (ABCNews).

Who is at risk?

The Goldman Sachs analysis highlights disturbing statistics indicating that professionals are more vulnerable to job loss than manual laborers. Attorneys and administrative staff are projected to be the most susceptible to artificial intelligence automation. But, whether due to AI or automation, professional and manual occupations are still at risk.

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The Rise of Automation in the Workplace

The increased use of AI has already impacted a variety of businesses, and this trend is projected to continue. It's important to remember that artificial intelligence technology is still in its infancy, and its full potential has yet to be realized.

On the plus side

Although this technological revolution may result in automation within many businesses, it will also create new jobs. AI is predicted to produce jobs in fields such as data analysis, robotics, and cybersecurity.

Additionally, as AI technology advances, it is also expected to simplify and improve human lives. For example, AI-powered medical diagnosis could lead to faster and more effective illness treatment.

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Overall, on the one hand, AI has the potential to simplify and improve human lives, such as with efficient medical diagnosis and treatment. On the other hand, it poses a threat to many jobs, with a projected 300 million full-time jobs at risk of being influenced by AI. As technology advances, it is important to be cautious and consider its potential impacts on businesses.

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