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Oct 18, 2022

The Bone Conduction Sport Headphones: The Gadget Your Team Needs

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Recently I was able to purchase a new set of headphones, which have proven to be useful in my workflow. However, the new headset I purchased is not like other types of headphones that sits inside or on your ear. This set fits on your cheekbone to provide quality and clear audio while still allowing you to be aware of and listen to your surroundings at the same time. The OpenRun Pro by SHOKZ is the name of this unique device. While this headset was made for sports, we found it very useful in the office as well.

Let me tell you about some of its features!

  •  Open Ear Feature

The open ear function of the set allows you to hear your surroundings in the workplace while simultaneously listening to whatever is playing on your device, whether it is a meeting, video, music, etc. Additionally, this open ear feature provides ear comfort, so you don't have to cope with the pain caused by your headphones.

  • Convenient Shape and Size

Since the headset is far smaller than a typical over-the-ear headphone set, it is simpler to take when you travel. Our ears are full of nerve endings, but the open-ear design ensures there are no pressure points created in or on the years, so it’s completely painless no matter how long you wear it. Additionally, the band of the headset is shaped so that it wraps around the back of the head, so people worried about a normal headset messing up their hairstyle won't have that problem with this one.

  • Noise Cancellation

Additionally, the set has noise cancellation, so if you use the microphone while in a conference, it will block all background sounds.

  • Wireless Set

This headset allows you to maneuver around the office without being connected to a device that eliminates movement. This is good not only for inside the office but is useful outside of work if you are exercising, cooking, or doing other physical activities.

  • Quick Charge 10 hours

This gadget also allows you to enjoy 10 hours of calls and music. It also has a five-minute quick charge which will allow you up to 1.5 hours of battery life.

  • Waterproof

This device is also IP55 Water-Resistant. This waterproof feature is helpful if you happen to spill something on your desk or have an issue with liquid being in contact with the gadget.

Overall, this device is incredibly useful and simple to use for both business and leisure activities.

I have provided the link for this device here.

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