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Aug 25, 2023

The Disturbing Realities Lurking Behind

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In our daily lives, we often find ourselves weaving paths with countless individuals, each carrying their own stories, motives, and secrets. As we navigate the world, our paths intersect with those of acquaintances, friends, and even strangers. Yet, beneath the surface of everyday interactions lies a sobering truth: We never truly know who might be harboring malicious intentions that could shatter lives and alter destinies.

Since 2018, at least 120 people across New York have turned to a website called “” to hire a planned attack.

What’s the back story?

Robert Innes, the founder of the parody website, launched in 2005 when he and three classmates started a computer security business. (NYpost) However, years later, after graduation, he checked the website’s inbox and saw chilling requests from users and the malicious acts they wanted to be done.

As stated, this website is not legit like other sites you may have heard about on the Dark Web but was created to see who and why people are determined to hire a hitman. While the website shows many signs that it is not legit- both evident and hilarious- it has not stopped many enraged people from requesting a service. Innes states in an NYPost interview that “They’re out there. People are dangerous, but they’re also blinded by rage.”

A bullied teen requested a hitman to burn down the entire school for revenge.

One person wanted a father and son killed.

Another user wanted to send a threat against the president.

In another request woman from Brooklyn wrote, “Anything to kill her.”



On the bright side

While these instances are quite disturbing, the site has led to high-profile arrests.

For example, Josiah Garcia, a Tennessee Air National Guardsman, was arrested after requesting a hitman.

Another user was charged with using interstate commerce to facilitate a murder-for-hire plot using the website.

Innes states that when he sees severe requests for his website, he does not hesitate to reach out to authorities on the matter.

The positive aspect of the website leading to high-profile arrests is a testament to the collaboration between technology and law enforcement. It's a reminder that even in the dark corners of the internet, there are measures in place to ensure safety and justice.

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