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Sep 28, 2022

The Efficient Three Monitor Gadget that Your Team Needs


computer sky desk table monitorsRecently, one of our team members brought in a new gadget that has helped him with his workflow more effectively. He also stated that he will continue to use it in his daily routine. This innovative tool is the TRIO & TRIO Max Laptop Monitor. This gadget is a three-screen monitor that you not only can use at work, but can take anywhere that you go. Overall, this is a cool gadget.

Let me explain some of its features!

1. Adhesive magnets

While it may seem as though it may be difficult to hook up the additional monitors to your laptop, it is quite easy to connect! There are magnets that connects to the back of your monitor. These monitors will also need a USB-C chord to connect and gain signal. Once connected, your monitors will be ready for use!

2. Multi-tasking

This is an amazing tool for multi-tasking. It is perfect if you need to visit multiple pages instead of flipping between tabs on one monitor. These screens can also extend landscape/portrait wise, left or right, and even has 3D 180 degrees rotation.

3. Versatility

While this device is great for the office, it doesn’t have only to be used for this aspect. Not only can you use this gadget at the workplace, but it can be utilized for business meetings, schoolwork, presentations, gaming, movies, and much more.

4. Laptop-friendly

I am sure that we are all accustomed to computer monitors only having screen monitors. Knowing what we're used to, it's a big deal to have it connect to a laptop now! This means that you can carry these monitors with your laptop, making it much more portable when you are not in the office.

Overall, this tool is quite efficient in and out of the workplace. The cool fact that it is portable friendly, easy to connect, allows you to multitask, and is very versatile, etc. makes it very convenient on your day-to-day workflow.

I have provided the link for purchasing this gadget here.

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