I wanted to inform you all on a useful gadget our company has been using for a few years. It might be beneficial to you and your employees as well. This gadget is called the Autonomous Electric Adjustable Standing Desk. This is a new and innovative tool that not only makes your work processes much more efficient, but also makes working more comfortable and suitable for you. Let me explain its features!


Motorized height adjustment
This gadget allows you to adjust the height of the desk whether you want to sit or stand up throughout your workflow. With working more than eight hours a day, sometimes your body can be tired. Now, if you feel as though you want to fall asleep, you now have the option to raise our work desk and stand. Also, it is of course apparent that standing allows good posture and professionalism! You can even preprogram the height (26.2″ – 52″) in which your desk will move up or down with a click of a button.


man standing table infiniwiz


height nail table phone black office

Our team has been using this table for over two years and are still very happy. However, if anything goes wrong with the desk and you want to return it, they offer a five- or seven-year warranty to repair or replace it if necessary.

Modern and advanced tech environment
The environment in which you work affects the way your work flow and the contentment you feel when you enter the workplace. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your employees, especially as the new age is more tech savvy, are excited when coming to work. Sitting at conventional desks is like using outdated technology, which does not influence them in feeling welcomed and comfortable when working. Employees want to know that they are cared for.

The whisper-quiet feature
As the name of this feature makes clear, this table have very quiet motors. Therefore, when you want to adjust your desk, you will not interrupt other employees who are working.

Weight capacity of 265-400 lbs.
This may not seem as important, but I have seen my team add over four monitors, heavy brackets,  phones and other devices to their desk. This does not affect the motion of the table to move. With this, you do not have to worry about having a heavy load on your desk and worry if it may break your gadget!

Overall, I wanted to inform all business owners on this great tool. I have seen the beneficiaries of the desk and have received many positive remarks from my team. Overall, if you want to effectively make your workflow more efficient throughout the hours you’re working, this is the work desk for you.