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Jul 18, 2023

What It Takes for an Engineer to Change a Business Name for an Infiniwiz Client

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At Infiniwiz, we understand that any change within a business takes a lot of planning, revising, and implementation to reach the goal and enforce change effectively and efficiently. When a company wants to change its business name, it can be due to rebranding, Mergers and Acquisitions, changes in business focus, etc. One may think, “How hard can it be to change the company name on the bill?” Well, it’s quite not that simple.

Any time a client wants to change their business name, there is a lot of work that occurs to make sure there is a smooth transition.

A name change for a business takes patience and accuracy.

Changing a client’s business name within multiple platforms is time-consuming because every platform and system has unique settings with interconnections. Updating a business name means navigating between different interfaces and following specific procedures when initiating the change.

Here is the list of platforms we make changes to:

  • Document management software
  • CRM
  • Remote monitoring software
  • Managed detection & Response application
  • Email filtering software
  • Antivirus
  • Office365 or Google Suite
  • Email signature management platform
  • Project and alignment sheets
  • Multi-Factor authentication
  • Security awareness & training
  • Privileged access management
  • Backup monitoring
  • Billing platform
  • Virtual cloud provider
  • Phone service provider
  • Internet provider
  • Domain registrar

In addition to the above effort, almost always, there is a need for a new domain name, you know, that “” portion of your email. This involves shopping for a new domain name with the client, configuring it in the email platform, and website hosting.

Considering the scale of time and the intricacy of the platforms and software involved, our team must prioritize accuracy when it comes to a name change. Rushing through these updates can lead to errors and inconsistency, which can cause confusion for clients, partners, and team members and add more time to the process of fixing the issues made. Therefore, taking the necessary time to plan, execute, and verify the changes ensures a smooth transition and minimizes any potential disruptions to the business.

Our job is to help companies create more unified business functions, improve customer service, and utilize technology to move forward. Chicago-experienced IT consulting experts will make your technology work for you and keep you from spending endless, frustrating hours managing your business IT. Managed IT is when the Infiniwiz team proactively takes care of all the IT headaches and hassles for you…So you can get done on your “to-do” list – like growing the business! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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