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Mar 1, 2023

Why Does Infiniwiz Charge Per User Instead of a Flat Rate?

Creative concept of USD symbols illustration and finger clicks on a digital tablet on background. Trading and currency concept. Multiexposure flat rateIn today's digital age, businesses rely heavily on technology to stay competitive and efficient. However, managing IT infrastructure and ensuring its smooth functioning can take time and effort for any organization. This is where managed service providers come in, offering all-inclusive IT solutions for their clients' technical needs. At Infiniwiz, we provide complete services for businesses to run smoothly. But why do we charge "per user" instead of a flat fee? In this article, we'll explore the benefits of our per-user pricing model and why it's the best choice for businesses seeking a cost-effective and transparent IT solution.

As companies grow, their staff size and technical support needs also increase. To provide adequate security measures, our package includes tools such as remote monitoring, anti-virus software, managed detection & response application, mailbox protection, dark web monitoring, two-factor authentication, backups, and cybersecurity training. However, these tools come with "per user" fees; we must manage them for each user. As the number of users increases, our management time multiplies and scales accordingly.

For seasonal businesses like mortgage companies, the number of users may fluctuate downwards during certain months, reducing the maintenance and support required. Therefore, it's not feasible to establish a single flat rate to accommodate all businesses. Instead, we offer a per-user pricing model that considers the number of users and the tools required to support them.

With a per-user pricing model, everything from tools to support calls and technology depends on the number of employees that use technology within an organization, making it easier for us to manage and for businesses to understand their costs. This eliminates the need to revisit the agreement every 6-12 months and evaluate the current rate, which is not ideal because price change usually comes as a surprise and is generally not a pleasant conversation for either side. However, everyone likes when things are predictable, such as cost growth with hiring more people.

In general, our industry utilizes two models in which managed service providers price their services: per device and per user.

Per device: This pricing model charges a fixed fee for each device that requires management and support. It typically includes the cost of hardware, software licenses, maintenance, and upgrades for each device.

Per user: This pricing model charges a fee for each user who uses technology and requires support. It covers all the user's devices, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and other peripherals.

We chose the per-user pricing model for several reasons.

Flexible and scalable:

Per-user pricing is a more flexible and scalable model that can accommodate any device or technology our clients use. It eliminates the complexity of charging by devices, where clients would have to know the number and types of devices they use, such as servers, network switches, firewalls, laptops, etc. Our clients can focus on their business needs with per-user pricing, knowing that all their employees' technology needs are covered under a simple and transparent pricing model.

It makes invoicing and audits easier:

Per-user pricing is a more transparent and straightforward way of reflecting our services on billing, which makes it easier for our clients to understand and manage their expenses. This also makes it easier for our clients to audit their invoices and ensures they only pay for the services they have received. With per-user pricing, they know exactly how much they are paying for each employee who requires support rather than having to track and count the number of devices they use. Per-user pricing also simplifies invoicing and auditing for our organization, where we can easily match the billing information to the specific individuals who require our services rather than having to track each device's support requirements.

Easier to track services:

Infiniwiz charges "per user" instead of a flat fee because our service is all-inclusive and tailored to meet the needs of each client. We offer a comprehensive IT solution that takes care of all technical aspects of a company, including helpdesk support, security, proactive maintenance, high-level virtual CIO consultation, procurement, and all the necessary tools that clients need to run their businesses. Our vendors charge us per user as it scales with the number of employees in the company that we are serving. This way, we purchase only what our clients need on a monthly basis, not more or less.

In summary, per-user pricing is a transparent, flexible, and scalable model that makes invoicing and auditing simpler and more accurate. It allows Infiniwiz to provide customized, cost-effective solutions that meet each client's needs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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