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Sep 14, 2022

Why Small IT Companies are Right for You

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As business owners, we've seen how important IT is to our workflow and communication with others. It's also important that our IT is working properly, and we have people who can help us when issues arise that can slow down our workflow. For most of us, not only do we turn to IT for technical help, but most of us look to MSPs to save the day. We essentially look for Managed IT that fixes our computers and network, optimizes them for our processes, maintains them for health, and monitor us for stability and security and much more.

However, the most important thing for small and medium companies is that they have a strong and reliable team with whom they can connect. There are many aspects of what sets some small MSPs aside from others. Therefore, I will illuminate the benefit of small MSPs and why we believe that small teams effectively help businesses gain the best work processes and security.

So, why may a small MSPs like Infiniwiz be perfect for your company?

1. Maintain relationships

When it comes to smaller MSPs assisting other small/medium companies, it’s a good chance that team members on both ends will be familiarized with each other due to the weekly interactions in fixing different tech issues. Not only does this allow companies to trust their MSPs , but allows the tech team to be familiar with that specific business needs and those who work there.

2. Teamwork

When people are looking for a person to solve a technical problem (such as a self-employed IT person), the problem may take longer to solve because he/she must solve the problem on his/her own. When it comes to MSPs, teamwork comes into play when it comes to problem-solving. For example, some problems may be solved more quickly when other engineers help brainstorm and figure out what the specific issue is. Teamwork also helps when engineers may not know the right solution to a problem, so they have a variety of engineers around to help them.

3. Specialized engineers

Some IT techs are not specialized in certain tech problems. One may be proficient in phone systems, another in Amazon Web Services (AWS), another in Microsoft products etc. With a MSP team, there are engineers who have not only trained, but researched specific processes that will solve the issues. In addition, many team members have various types of engineering backgrounds. MSPs can also give advice to a user on what to do in the future to fix certain issues.

4. Cares about other small businesses

Because some MSPs are smaller, they understand the value of how much work it takes to grow a business. Small teams also understand that for a business to grow, workflows must be efficient, and downtime should be minimal. Therefore, smaller MSP’s care. They don’t look at the amount of money they may receive from clients or chasing after contracts. Essentially, smaller MSPs want to help assist clients.

5. Increased attention

When working with smaller MSP’s your tech issues will be answered in a timely manner where you don't have to wait hours to talk to a tech person at a larger company or asking your only tech person in the office who may be assisting others. With smaller MSPs, your requests and questions will have full attention of the team.

6. No Level 1 Tech taking your call

Do you remember the last time you called a larger internet provider when troubleshooting Wi-Fi at home? It’s always a level 1 tech asking the same standard questions and asking to do the same standard thing, even though you already did them all. Our service coordinator will know you and ask you the right questions that fit your unique company. Therefore, you won’t get a level 1 tech, but will talk to an engineer familiar with your environment.

Moreover, while the effectiveness and cybersecurity of your technology is important, small MSP teams are aware that your business’ workflow is imperative to the growth of your company.

Infiniwiz believes that the productivity of your technology allows success and growth. In fact, the level of expertise and availability has given us clients that are enthusiastic about our team and the services that we deliver to our clients. You don’t want IT support personnel who are only concerned about the trendy tech and their paycheck. You need people who understand your vision for your business!

Learn more about the Infiniwiz team here.

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