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Dec 6, 2018

Who Is Alek Pirkhalo?

What You May Not Know


Alek Pirkhalo is the Co-Founder of Infiniwiz. He loves technology. Over the years, he's helped our team develop processes and resources to implement a systematic approach to IT management – an approach that proactively maintains and continuously improves our clients' network environments. But there's much more to know about Alek. Not only does he love technology, Alek invents medical and diagnostic devices!

Did You Know That Alek Is An Inventor?

It’s true. He was involved in 15 product development projects including consumer electronics and handheld medical devices. His training and experience as a Mechanical Engineer has been a huge factor in his success. One of his strengths is conceptual brainstorming.

Alek’s name is on 11 patents. Below are a few from before he moved into the IT industry:

1. Diagnostic device with display module and leveraged component connections

United States 8226890 - Issued January 2009

2. Body cavity irrigation device

United States 7988657 - Issued July 2008

3. EMI shielding assemblies

Europe WO/2008/027827- Issued August 2007

4. Bandless hearing protector and method

United States 7708110- Issued June 2007

Alek Is Not Only An Inventor, He's An Effective Leader

The team at Infiniwiz is proud of Alek and his accomplishments. But most of all we're thankful that we have Alek to guide us. He specializes in identifying problems and providing the best solution by customer data and specifications.

Alek ensures that we align technology with our clients' processes and focus on business continuity where most problems are anticipated and prevented ahead of time. The result is increased ROI for our customers.

Personal Stuff

Alek was born in Omsk, Russia. His personal heroes are: Albert Einstein, Jacque Fresco and Elon Musk. He has two daughters, Emily and Alice. He has lived in Chicago since he was 16 years old.

Alek loves technology and we do too. After all, that’s why we call ourselves “Your Technology Workaholics!”

If you'd like to learn more about Alek and what Infiniwiz can do for your business in or near Chicago, contact us for a technology conversation.

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