Hacker hand using keyboard typing bad data into laptop computer online system and spreading to global stolen personal information, fingerprint. phishing

Addressing the Threat of Phishing Attacks: Insights and Best Practices from the Phishing 2023 Report 

Phishing is an ongoing security problem for users, where hackers continuously refine their techniques to deceive users into downloading malware, hacking systems, and stealing personal i …

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Robotic hand clicking on captcha 'I am not a robot'. Artificial intelligence(AI) concept. captcha

GPT-4 Proves Capable of Bypassing Captcha Tests with Human Deception

  The latest release from OpenAI, GPT-4, demonstrates the remarkable progress that artificial intelligence (AI) has made in recent years. The technology outperforms earlier …

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Hand hold Smartphones with Cyber security privacy protect data., 2FA internet network security technology, Two Factor Authentication, Cyber Security privacy protect data, Protection hacked connections 2fa

Microsoft’s “Authenticator Lite”: A Mobile Solution for Multi-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication can be time-consuming, but verifying that it is you that is logging into your Microsoft 365 account can also be frustrating, requiring a separate app, SMS, …

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Businessperson shaking hand with digital partner over futuristic background. Artificial intelligence and machine learning process for 4th industrial revolution. gtp AI

New Chat GPT 4 is Now Able to ‘See’ Images

GPT-4, the newest component of artificial intelligence software from OpenAI, has been released. The business claims this new software has "expanded knowledge and problem-solving ski …

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Strong and weak password on pieces of paper. Password security and protection online

Tips for Protecting Your Online Privacy and Security

It is more crucial than ever to preserve security and privacy as our lives, and work processes begin to shift online. The internet is full of dangers that could jeopardize your pers …

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