Vector illustration of hacker penetrating a hand shake of two mobile phone. Cybersecurity concept. Unsecure connection spoofing

SMS Spoofing: A Rare Yet Pervasive Method of Phishing

If you have ever received a message from a phone number of a business or a person that you may know, you may trust the number that is messaging you. However, it is important to be a …

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Cute pupil writing at desk in classroom at the elementary school. Student girl doing test in primary school. Children writing notes in classroom. schoolgirl writing during the lesson.

Chicago Collegiate’s Vision for Students’ Success: How You Can Help

One of our clients, Chicago Collegiate Charter School, located in the south side of Chicago, is committed to assisting students in grades five through twelve throughout their middle …

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System error icon. Not working concept. Vector on isolated white background. EPS 10. outage Infiniwiz status page

Outage? How Infiniwiz Helps You Stay Informed With Our Status Update Page 

When it comes to business’ work process, any kind of downtime can greatly affect a company and the tasks they have to complete throughout the day. While Infiniwiz strives to set up th …

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Security breach, system hacked alert with red broken padlock icon showing unsecure data under cyberattack, vulnerable access, compromised password, virus infection, internet network with binary code

Should You Be Concerned About The Nov 30 LastPass Security Incident?

With so many security concerns such as keeping your private information secure from hackers, there has been various software implemented to help in securing your information in the …

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The man forgot her personal data. the concept of a web screensaver with a forgotten password, account protection, danger warning, incorrect password. Vector illustration in a flat style. forgot password infiniwiz

Need Password Management? Infiniwiz is Here to Help.

When it comes to your job flow and at-home activities, there are numerous websites and applications that you use where you must log in and ultimately keep all your information kept …

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