We take Data Protection Seriously!

The Infiniwiz servers are located at Zayo in Oakbrook, Illinois.

Zayo is one of the largest Tier III data centers in North America.

This SAS70 Type II compliant facility was specifically designed and constructed to safeguard your mission-critical data.

The Zayo facility is industry recognized for its world-class physical security, power availability, and infrastructure flexibility.

When it comes to protecting you and your data, the Infiniwiz team only partners with the best!

Take a walk with us through this state of the art facility.

Your Data’s Security

Your mission-critical data enjoys the ultimate in protection with the Zayos multi-layered security system.

  • Video surveillance and motion sensors allow for continuous interior and exterior monitoring. The alarm system has cameras on all perimeter points of the building.
  • The discrete data center building contains a single point of entry, outfitted with sophisticated security sensors and protected by vandal-resistant, bulletproof glass.
  • Equipped with biometric hand scanning devices and CircleLock mantraps.
  • 24×7 on-site security and NOC staff.
  • The facility was built to withstand extreme temperatures, natural weather phenomenon, and electromagnetic interference.

Protecting Your Data from Water and Moisture

Our Zayo partners have taken all the steps necessary to ensure that your data is safe from the dangers posed by water and moisture. The facility’s roof consists of a rubber membrane system with isocyanurate insulation. Below grade, the data center has an enclosed containment pump evacuation system, which empties all water run-off.

Keeping Your Data Cool and Comfortable

To ensure the elimination of any hot spots and to maintain the availability of your business-critical systems, the Zayo facility employs twenty rooftop Trane compressors. These 135-ton compressors provide optimum cooling power inside the data center, are 2N+1 capable, and run with maximum efficiency and reliability. In addition, three 20-ton Liebert loops provide a focused cooling source to the Core and Power Room areas.

Continuous Power for Your Data and Applications

The Zayo data center supplies more watts of power per square foot than any other data center in the Midwest region. The facility has access to 12.5 megawatts of juice for your power-hungry applications. Redundant UPS prevents dangerous, damaging power spikes & surges. In addition, Zayo is equipped with 2000-gallon tank diesel generators and has enough power in reserve to stay up and running in the event of a commercial power outage.

Protecting Your Data Assets from Fire

Prevention and early detection are the keys to fire safety. The Zayo data center’s dry-pipe VESDA® smoke detector uses laser detection and light scattering technologies to sample the air for early warning signs of a potential fire. Although highly unlikely, should a fire break out within the facility, the fire suppression system is automatically engaged to prevent damage and disruption to the servers within.

Additional fire safety precautions include:

  • Multi-zone smoke and fire detection capabilities.
  • Concrete floors and ceilings enabling fire isolation.
  • CleanGuard® fire extinguishers, strategically located throughout the facility.

Network Redundancy – receive bandwidth over multiple carriers automatically

A multi-homed bandwidth, giving your business access to more than one internet carrier, can be the difference between 100% uptime and an expensive outage. A multi-homed network gives your business the flexibility to withstand carrier outages or performance problems.

This is why Zayo has developed the Premium Network – a blend of top IP carriers that are multi-homed to provide you with a stable, redundant solution. The Premium Network includes internet access through XO Communications, SAVVIS, Level(3) and InterNap.

Built on Cisco technology, the Zayo facility delivers your data through a redundant border, core, access, and distribution layers. The reliability of our data center is backed by a 99.999% Network SLA – commonly referred to as five-nines.

All the network equipment is professionally managed by a team of certified Cisco network engineers. Regular monthly and quarterly maintenance is performed on all devices ensuring that they are up to date with the latest hot fixes and patches. Your ability to communicate is also backed by our service agreement with Cisco and on-site equipment spares.

Ready to give your data and applications the best protection available?

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