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Apr 22, 2024

What is IT Consulting? 

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When it comes to your business, managing your technology is imperative to ensure that your data is safe and that your technological environment is always running smoothly with little to no downtime.  

As a business owner, many technological aspects and tasks need to be checked to ensure technical maintenance, such as regular software patching and updates, management of network security and data backups. Additionally, businesses must follow strict regulations and maintain hardware integrity.  

Seems like a lot of work, right? You may not know where to start or need assistance, but you still want control of your company's landscape while working on other tasks for your business.  

This is where IT Consulting comes in. 

Managed Service Providers are here to help you manage your IT infrastructure, but they are also readily available to help you with IT strategies and consulting.

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So, what do MSPs do to strategize and consult businesses? 

I had the opportunity to speak with the CTO and co-owner of Infiniwiz, Dmitry Rudman, to get more details on IT consulting and strategy. He states that this assistance aims to "provide expert guidance and support to organizations in leveraging technology to achieve their business goals" (Infiniwiz). He additionally states that, specifically to Infiniwiz, our consultants will assess IT infrastructure, develop strategies, and implement solutions to optimize efficiency, mitigate risks, and drive innovation. 

There are many reasons why businesses may be interested in IT Consulting. Here are a few: 

  • A company is struggling to identify areas of inefficiencies. 
  • There is a lack of confidence in compliance with industry regulations. 
  • A company needs help to align IT initiatives with business objectives. 
  • There is a lack of resources to drive projects and manage vendors. 

How can Manage Service Providers assist and address businesses' IT issues? 

MSPs deliver a range of IT support and consulting services. Specifically, for Infiniwiz, I would like to highlight how we assist companies in ensuring business owners are happy with their IT environment. 

Strategic IT Planning 

We assist businesses in aligning all their technology investments with the business's goal while also allocating resources to have the best IT outcome. Our approach combines a deep understanding of both IT systems and business objectives, allowing us to craft comprehensive strategies tailored to each client's unique needs. Whether it's optimizing existing infrastructure, implementing cutting-edge solutions, or navigating complex regulatory environments, we provide expert guidance every step of the way. 

Compliance Management 

Another way that we assist clients is by ensuring that they comply with all industry regulations well before the specific compliance deadline. Whether it is our compliance articles, implementing necessary policies, or employing software tools, we will ensure that your company does not have to worry about the stress of meeting regulatory requirements at the last minute. 

Technology Reviews 

At Infiniwiz, our consultant team will regularly meet with your company at Technical Business Reviews (TBR) to discuss and ensure that your work processes are optimized and aligned with your business goals. In these meetings, the company's IT assets, contracts, latest recommendations, and much more will be discussed to ensure that your business's IT is optimized. 

Check out our "Infiniwiz Technical Business Review Process" article to learn more.  

Vendor Management 

Our team will manage all your technical vendors, including phone service, Internet, email, Cloud, software, and hardware. By entrusting Infiniwiz with the management of your technical vendors, you can rely on us as a single point of contact for all technology, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. This will ensure effective communication, timely resolutions, and cost-efficient solutions tailored to your specific needs, fostering a smooth and productive technological environment for your organization. 


It is imperative for your company to have all of the equipment it needs to have a productive tech environment. MSPs are here to help! Specifically, with Infiniwiz, our team will purchase equipment, whether a server, workstation, or mobile phone. We will ensure that the correct equipment, software license, or warranty is purchased, source it faster, and take on the responsibility of working with replacements and returns. 

Disaster Recovery Planning 

Oh no! All your data has been lost due to natural causes or even a cyber attack! What is your next plan? Infiniwiz will help you understand your priorities, such as maximum tolerable downtime and the preparation of backup plans in case of a disaster. By leveraging modern technologies and proactive strategies, we aim to minimize disruption, safeguard your valuable data assets, and restore normal operations swiftly and efficiently. 

Check out our blog, "Why You Should Choose a Plan Rather than Stress," to learn how Infiniwiz can help you with your company's backup plans. 

Overall, IT consulting is a great choice for businesses that want to be assisted with making the best technical choices for their confidential data and ensuring a smooth workflow for the entire team. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us about how IT consulting would benefit you.  

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