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Since 2002, Infiniwiz has been providing Managed IT services across the Chicago Area, Illinois.

Understanding the Corporate Transparency Act

  As financial regulations and anti-money laundering efforts continuously evolve, it is imperative that your...
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Token Theft and Wire Transfer Scam

With cybersecurity threats on an all-time rise, it is important for organizations to protect their...
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Infiniwiz Technical Business Review Process

At Infiniwiz, our goal is to ensure that our clients’ businesses reach their fullest potential...
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Introducing Amazon One: A New Way of Contactless Purchasing

  Whether shopping at a grocery store or buying new items for your businesses, you...
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Boosting Productivity and Empowering Families with Hybrid Work

In recent years, businesses around the world have made a significant transformation in which employees...
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Google Enhances Security for Workplace Users

On August 23, 2023, Google announced that it will add new cybersecurity defense control to...
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Meet the Infiniwiz Pets!

Usually, within our blogs, we talk about our company’s best practices, technical tips and tricks,...
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The Dangers of Saving Passwords in Browsers

In today’s digital world, the convenience of web browsers offering to save user’s passwords may...
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Secure Computer Connections at Infiniwiz

At Infiniwiz, we want to ensure that your technological needs are met and that all...
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New Engineer on Board: Meet Arman!

Infiniwiz is working hard to ensure that all your IT needs are met in an...
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Case Study: Veterinary Radiology IT Transformation

Introduction:    What does our client do?  Our client is a full-service teleradiology company with experienced...
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How to Turn Off Suggested Actions in Windows 11

When utilizing Windows 11 for your devices, the software has a feature called “suggested actions”...
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The Disturbing Realities Lurking Behind

In our daily lives, we often find ourselves weaving paths with countless individuals, each carrying...
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